WebEx Meeting How To’s

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 20, 6:30 pm) our club will host our first WebEx Meeting.  You will get an email invitation in the morning. If you must miss the meeting, no worry!  The meeting will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.  The board met with our speakers last night and the recorded meeting was great.  This will make it possible for those of you who may have poor band width to still benefit from speakers and salons.

Participant Best Practices

  • Participant cameras should be turned off. It really doesn’t add anything to the experience and it sucks up bandwidth.
  • Participant microphones should also be turned off when joining the meeting. You are encouraged to type questions into chat during the presentation and then to have an open Q&A session for audio questions for those with microphones.
  • A headset of some kind is recommended, rather than listening through the computer speakers.

How to Join a Meeting – At about 20 seconds into this video there is an option to join the meeting using your browser.

How to Change the Video Layout in Webex Meetings

See you tomorrow night!

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