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Coming Up this April

Alec Johnson on “Light Painting”

AC Johnson Light Painted Motorcycle

At the April 17 meeting Alec Johnson’s talk will feature a series of bold and unique images using the technique of light painting – lighting a subject with a flashlight one detail at a time with a flashlight – and then compositing those frames of light to build a finished image.  Each image is its own case study, creating an engaging, lively and educational discussion.

Alec Johnson is a full-time tenured professor at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN. He is also a freelance architecture photographer and award-winning fine art photographer.  He was an exhibitor of the international juried show, “The Portrait” at Praxis Photo Arts Center December 2018.  This past summer, 2018, he was accepted in the Minnesota State Fair Art Exhibition and received the Jennifer and William Oliver award for “unique, innovative and unusual” work of art.  Alec is also a Singh Ray Filters pro photographer.

Alec’s current photo projects include Outside the Arena, a series featuring the pre-competition ritual of rodeo riders.  He is also working on a studio series titled Comfortable.  This series is study of space, color and shape in the context of 60’s era comfort food, furniture and table settings.  He is represented by the Sterling Art Gallery located in Silver City, New Mexico.

American Masters Documentary Next Week – Street Photography

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Bryan Hansel – Program and Workshop

Hot Spots of the North Shore – May 1

A lone hiker watches the sunrise over Lake Superior from Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

At the May 1 meeting at 6:30 pm, professional landscape photographer Bryan Hansel will talk about his favorite locations on Minnesota’s north shore to capture the essence of what it is like to live in the north. Hansel, who has lived in Grand Marais for over a decade and a half has explored almost every gravel and dirt road in Cook County and many of the nearby counties as well. He not only has photographed the iconic locations but has found new and undocumented locations as well. He’ll present his work and explain how he made each picture and why it works as a photograph. 

Sunrise on the River – May 2

Join Bryan on the shore of the river for a sunrise and golden hour mini-workshop. The workshop will cover composition for sunrise as well as filters. The mini-workshop starts at 5am and ends at 9am. Cost is $60.  Bryan tells me that the workshop will be held along the St. Croix River.   To reserve your spot, please use the contact form to let me know as soon as possible since there will be a limit in the number of participants.  The fee of $60.00 will be payable to Bryan Hansel.

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March is Here, Finally!

Our winter weather isn’t over yet and I am still enjoying the pristine beauty of snow falling in my yard as I write this.   Even so, my thoughts are turning to that miracle of spring where the color pallet is less white and grey and a walk outdoors will show all the variations of the color green as everything comes back to life.  And it will be music to my ears to hear the birds again, calling to mates, building nests and raising their young.  

On Being a Birding Bird Photographer

Our next meeting on Wednesday, March 6, is just what I need.  This presentation examines the expanding intersection between the birding hobby and bird photography.  Photographer and birder Dr. Michelle Terrell will share from her own experiences tips for taking engaging bird photographs while being respectful of the birds, their habitat, and fellow birders and photographers.

Michelle Terrell is Vice President of the St. Croix Valley Camera Club and an avid outdoor photographer.  As a native Minnesotan, she enjoys documenting our state’s wide variety of natural subjects from tiny woodland fungi to horizon-spanning northern lights.  When not taking photos, Dr. Terrell is a professional archaeologist and historian.

Photography and the Law is Re-scheduled for Wednesday, March 20.

Our own knowledgeable Michael Waterman will give a presentation about photography and the law.  Topics that will be covered include photographers’ rights, access restrictions, rights of privacy, model releases, ownership of images, copyright protections, and more.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm and as always the meeting is open to the public. 

The Meeting Tomorrow Night is Cancelled!

A winter storm warning will be in effect from 3 am to 9 pm on Wednesday and the hazardous condition will likely impact both the morning and evening commutes.  Mike Waterman’s presentation on Photography and the Law scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, will be rescheduled.

Coming Up!

Photography and the Law

Next Wednesday, February 20, at a special mid-month meeting, our own knowledgeable Michael Waterman will give a presentation about photography and the law.  Topics that will be covered include photographers’ rights, access restrictions, rights of privacy, model releases, ownership of images, copyright protections, and more.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm and as always the meeting is open to the public. 

Mike is a longtime member of the club and was president when I joined.  People join clubs because they share a common interest.  People remain in clubs because they make friends.  Mike is one of the reasons that I am celebrating eight years of membership.

Did You Know?

Have you taken some time to look around our award-winning web site?   The page that is usually most visited is the calendar page.  It is your one stop shop that tells you what will be happening.  That page is frequently updated for new speakers.

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News you need to know

Interclub Competition Deadline is Saturday

These next few cold, blustery days will be a good time to look for some of your best photos to enter the 2019 Interclub Competition.  The deadline for entering is this Saturday, February 2, at 5:00 pm.  The digital entries are all done by email, but the prints need to be delivered to the drop off site by the same deadline.  Bring your prints to the Phipps lobby between 2 and 3 pm on Saturday to get them delivered.  Rules and entry forms are here and on the Camera Council website.

February 6 Meeting

Our first meeting in February will feature a club salon.   Our salons serve two purposes.  Some of our members enjoy the competition aspect where scores reflect their level of skill and progress in improving, and their skill compared to other members.  The verbal critique has educational value to both the photographer and to other members.  We ask the judge to express what they like about every image and what the photographer might have done to improve. I always submit what I think are real winners, and a judge will help me to see what I’ve missed with an image I have fallen in love with.   I learn something at every salon and because the critiques are about real images that real members of our club have submitted, it has more relevance.


  • “Wish upon a Star”, a portfolio image from Pat Chiconis

    If you haven’t already paid your 2019 dues, bring a check or cash to the meeting. Dues are $35.00 per year for a single membership and are payable in January every year.  Family membership is $35.00 plus $10.00 for each family member living under the same roof. 

  • It’s not too late to commit to a photography goal for 2019. Please use the contact form to make a formal commitment.  We will share your achievements at the January 2020 meeting.
  • Consider putting together a portfolio, a new benefit of membership. These are not intended to be competitive and there are no rules other than the images need to fit a theme.  They make a great introduction of your work and interests to other members.  There are already 11 member portfolios on our web site.  See if you can find them! 
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Game On!

Our January 16th meeting will be devoted to competitions, with help and inspiration from our salon and N4C coordinators and past award winners. We’ll also have special small-group sessions where you can share with other club members some photos you’re considering for competitions or salons this year.

Award-winning images from Betty Bryan, Melissa Anderson and Fred Sobottka

For our program, Mike Waterman will give a short overview of the competition categories. Our submission coordinators, Steve Cole and Ken Wolter will review the rules, including recent updates. Bryan Leonard will demonstrate how to resize photos for submission.  Some of our past award winners will tell the stories behind their favorite images and we’ll end the evening with a small-group photo sharing session.

Please bring your photos either as prints or on a laptop or tablet to share!

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Happy New Year! Welcome, 2019!

dog running in snow

– Playing Fetch-Michael Herrem. This pup isn’t letting anyone stop him from having a blast in the snow. Enjoy winter!

Happy New year to all! We hope you celebrated well and are ready to tackle the new opportunities and challenges of 2019.

Our first meeting of the year – January 2 – gives you the opportunity to:

  • Pay your dues! Carl will be collecting cash or check. Annual dues are $35 for the first household member and an additional $10 for each additional family member in the same household.
  • View club member presentations! Several club members have worked on projects throughout 2018 and will share their experiences with us. Consider committing to a project for 2019 and presenting in 2020. It can be a phenomenal opportunity to hone your skills, discover new inspiration and just have more fun with photography.
  • Make your voice heard! We will be asking you to fill out a form so we can learn about your interests and ideas for the club! Please use this tool to help us make the club a better organization!
  • Buy and sell new/old stuff! The second half of the meeting will include our Photo Gear Garage Sale! Dig through your old gear and find something you can part with. Be sure to include a price tag with your items.


We’ve received a donation of several books from a former member, Jim Kaul. Some of the books will be sold at the sale, and proceeds will be donated to Carl Wegener’s project, “RecycleYourCamera – For Kids.” Find out more about Carl’s project.

Other books will become part of our lending library, to be administered by Sue Oberstar. Thanks, Sue!


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Winter is coming!

The December 5 meeting will feature our final salon competition for 2018, and John Pennoyer will be here to make comments on our images.  I remember how John did an excellent presentation to us on winter photography a couple of years ago.   It is a favorite time of the year for him and he shared his experiences and even brought all of the clothing he uses to protect himself and his gear.  I know that he would welcome questions on the subject.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.

More on Winter Photography

“Winter” is the assignment for the February salon and the submission deadline is January 16, so we still have some time to shoot.  I follow both John Gregor and Bryan Hansel on Facebook and those pristine winter scenes on the North Shore are my favorites.  Here is John Gregor’s “Fashion Tips for the Winter Photographer”.


Snowflake by Bryan Leonard

Closer to home, Bryan Leonard shared his tips on snowflake photography in March this year and it would be a good time to revisit the post by clicking here.

A search on winter photography will bring a lot of results and my favorite is this one since it covers protecting your gear.

Finally, here is a little time-lapse video that I made in 2016.  I set up my tripod to shoot out onto a deck and set the intervalometer to make an exposure once each minute.  The video represents four hours of falling snow that resulted in 247 exposures and uses eight seconds of this clip.

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Why Mobile Photography Should Be Taken Seriously

Eric Mueller will present a program on Wednesday, November 14, beginning at 6:30 p.m.  His presentation will be comprehensive and you won’t want to miss this.

Part I: We’re all Photographers Now

  • Intro
  • Who I Am and What I Do
  • Why I Teach Mobile Photography Classes
  • Definition of Mobile Photography
  • How has it Changed the Aesthetics of Photography?
  • Quality of Mobile Photos
  • Examples of Mobile Photos

Part II: Why Your iPhone is Better Than Your DSLR

  • Size
  • Shooting Experience
  • Editing
  • Sharing

Part III: The Joy of Editing on an iPhone

  • Immediate Gratification
  • Encourages Experimentation
  • App Demos
  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • Superimpose

Eric Mueller is a Minneapolis-based artist, photographer, and teacher. Known for his graphic style and strength in composition, his photographs have been exhibited in dozens of group shows, including at the Plains Art Museum, the Devos Art Museum, the Midwest Center for Photography, Head On Photo Festival, the Southeast Center for Photography, and the Columbus Museum of Art. He has been recognized with awards by La Grande Photo, the Minnesota State Fair, Instagram, the iPhone Photography Awards, and the Mobile Photography Awards. His freelance clients include Architecture Minnesota, Explore Minnesota, Blu Dot, the Yarnery, Budweiser, Metro Transit, Zagat Guides, Minnesota Historical Society, and WCCO TV.

In 2017, Mueller was featured on Minnesota Original, the Emmy-Award-winning television show on TPT (Twin Cities PBS) that profiles Minnesota artists.

Mueller teaches iPhone Photography classes online for and locally for FilmNorth (formerly IFP Minnesota), the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, and the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. He has about 50,000 followers on Instagram.  Until the meeting you can check out his website for inspiration.

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