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Good Things to Know

It’s time to register for Spring Break!

The Spring Break team has a great day planned and now it’s time to register.  Please see the 2020 Spring Break page with details including the schedule for the day and the link for registering.  Beside all the great presentations there will be tabletop setups to photograph most of the day and an opportunity to have your sensor cleaned.

Club Exhibit at Westfields Hospital in New Richmond

I am so grateful that Barb Stahlmann has taken on this job!  Barb has asked that you bring your pieces to the March 4 meeting from 5:45 to 6:00 pm.  The exhibit begins on March 13 and ends on June 9.  If you can help her with delivery on March 11, please email her or use our contact form.

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More February News!

We will have a special meeting this month on Wednesday, February 19, 6:30 pm.  It will feature “Compositing Nature and Wildlife Images” by Michelle Terrell.  In her presentation, she will walk through the processing of three different kinds of images, including the photo featured here — a composite of the northern harrier in flight — to illustrate ways in which Photoshop layers can be used to combine multiple images into a single composite photograph.  Michelle Terrell is a member of the St. Croix Valley Camera Club and an avid outdoor photographer. As a native Minnesotan, she enjoys documenting our state’s wide variety of natural subjects from tiny woodland fungi to horizon-spanning northern lights. She shared her enthusiasm for bird photography in a talk at the Western Wisconsin Photography Club in 2019.  When not taking photos, she is a professional archaeologist and historian.

Member Spotlight on Matt Then

Collin Geraghty and Anastasia Shartin from the Phipps reached out to Matt Then last week to get his permission to use one of his photographs on the cover of their Summer Art Camp brochure.  The photo is from their production of “Sleeping Beauty and The Beast.” This photo will appear on the brochure and on posters promoting the Summer Art Camp.

Matt says “I truly appreciate the opportunity to shoot their productions and am honored that they selected one of my photographs for their marketing materials.  I would have never had this experience if it wasn’t for the Western Wisconsin Photography Club, so thank you!”

Photos Wanted

If you got out to capture photos from Hudson’s Hot Air Affair, or the trumpeter swans this weekend, send your images to for a gallery.

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Hudson’s Hot Air Affair is This Weekend

There will be a ton of photo opportunities this weekend in Hudson!

Photo by H Steve Cole

The schedule includes:

  • Friday, Feb 7th there will be a parade at 7:00 pm followed by fireworks
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th Morning Launch is scheduled for 7:35 a.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th Afternoon Launch is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th Hot Air Balloon Moon Glow or Field of Fire is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, Feb. 9th Morning Launch is scheduled for 7:35 a.m.
  • Here is a link to the complete schedule.

Wind exceeding 8 mph or no wind at all means the balloons won’t fly.


“Swan Stretch” by Larry Weinman

While you’re in town for the balloon festivities it would be a good time to photograph the swans.  One of best bird photographers in our club recommends arriving by 10 am.  From the Phipps follow 1st street going north and when you get to St. Croix Street turn left to the river.  There are dozens of swans and a variety of ducks swimming in open water.  I plan on being there Saturday morning and I hope to see you.

Please send your photos to and I’ll put up a gallery! (960 pixels on the long side is perfect.)


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February is Here!

Our next meeting on Wednesday, February 5, will begin at 6:30 pm and will include our first competition salon on the year.  This year assignment images have their own category and be judged against all other assignment images.  Also beginning this year, our salon coordinator will announce the title of the image before the judge makes comments.  For images that receive an acceptance score of 8 to 10 points, the photographer’s name will also be announced.

Our Salons serve two principal purposes:

  • Competition Our members enjoy the competitive aspects of participation in a salon. Scores reflect an individual’s level of skill and progress in improving one’s skills as well as the overall level of skill compared to other club members.
  • Education Although our members are eager to receive a rating of an image, a verbal critique is often of greater educational value to both the maker and the other club members.

Member Portfolios

“M31, Andromeda Galaxy” – Bryan Leonard

Last week I had the pleasure of posting a portfolio for Bryan Leonard.  You can see his portfolio here.  For the last few years, I’ve received a monthly email from Bryan highlighting what is coming  up  in the night sky for each month.  Please use the contact form to be included or speak to Bryan at a meeting. 

Portfolios are an opportunity for members to display a body of work and is a benefit of club membership.   A portfolio should reflect a photographer’s personal style and photographic interests and will also serve as an introduction to other club members.  This can also be a fun challenge!  Here is how to do it.  You can also view all 18 portfolios by clicking this link.

“The Chase” – MJ Springett

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News You Need to Know

2020 Interclub Competition

2019 Runner-Up Contemporary Image of the Year – Flexible – Michael Huber

One of the benefits of our club’s membership in the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC) is its annual Interclub Competition.  The competition is free and our club members can submit up to a total of twenty images in five categories that includes Contemporary (Creative), Nature, Realistic, Color Prints and Monochrome Prints.  If you haven’t already submitted there is still time, but the deadline is Saturday, February 1, at 5 pm.  Special Note:  Prints should be brought to the Phipps on Saturday at 2:30 pm so our club’s prints can be delivered to the drop site.  Awards will be given at the Spring Break event on March 21.  You can find the rules and entry forms here and here is where you can see how our club has done in the past.

2020 Spring Break

Though the schedule of speakers and programs have not yet been completed, the photography community and our members know that from past experience the event delivers tremendous value for the cost.  This year there will be more choices and a couple of extra opportunities.  I expect that the complete schedule will be completed in the next couple weeks.  Don’t delay!  Registration Link

Westfields Hospital Exhibit begins on March 13!

If you haven’t signed up for the exhibit, it’s not too late!  The exhibit is part of the Healing Arts program that is done in conjunction with the Phipps Center for the Arts.  This is a chance for you to have a wider audience for your work. And our club has had a great experience by selling our work.  If you are interested, use the contact form and Barb Stahlmann, our Exhibits Chair, will send you more information.


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Another Meeting Coming Up This Month!

Photography 101

Hudson in the Fall – Michael Huber

We will have a special meeting on Wednesday, January 22, with Michael Huber presenting “Photography 101”.  The goal is to cover the basics of DSLR photography.  He will discuss terms, settings, gear, composition and light as well as post processing options.  Those who attend will leave with a basic understanding of digital photography, both the technical and most importantly, the craft associated with it. Participants who would like help, should bring their gear to the meeting along with their camera manual.   Michael is an award-winning photography and former president of the club.

Pelican – Michael Huber

TCACC Judging Class

Ty Floating – Michael Huber

The Camera Council has announced an upcoming judging class and is encouraging each camera club to select up to two individuals who are interested in becoming a salon judge and who meet the student qualifications described here:

Student qualifications:  Demonstrated expertise in photography beyond the novice level, experience in submitting images for salon competition and must be nominated by a member camera club.     

Additional details are as follows:

  • The class is limited to 10 students
  • Dates:  Tuesdays – February 4, February 11 and February 18
  • Time:  6 – 9PM
  • Instructors: Darrell Tangen, Nancy Cox and John Anderson 
  • Location:   Glen Lake Shores Condos
  • 14301 Stewart Lane, Minnetonka
  • Cost: $40 (refundable when requirements of the class are completed by the student)


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Farewell 2019 – Here Comes 2020

Thanks to Mary and Don Johnson for hosting our Year-end Celebration for yet another year!  After feasting on treats and wine, I showed the video of the year-end awards.  Such inspiration! 

 For those who were not able to attend, I will bring prints and awards to the meeting on January 8.   The gallery of awards is here.

First Meeting of 2020

The meeting on Wednesday, January 8, 6:30 pm, will feature presentations by members who set photography goals for 2019 and they will share their accomplishments.  Presentations include astrophotography by Bryan Leonard, “Prickly Plants” by Ken Krautbauer, street photography by Rebecca VanDyk, an update on Carl Wegener’s kids project, stock photography by Ken Wolter, how to organize and share travel photos by Richard Hudson, and Naomi Belisle will share recent family holiday projects.

Dues Reminder

Dues for the Western Wisconsin Photography Club are $35.00 per year for a single membership and are payable in January every year.  Family membership is $35.00 plus $10.00 for each family member living under the same roof.  Make your check payable to “Western Wisconsin Photography Club”.   For snow birds and vacationers, Bryan Leonard will be sending out a notice with his mailing address.

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Setting Goals for 2020

This is an update of a post I made in March.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”  — Pablo Picasso

Creative Composite Inspiration – photo by Michael Huber

One of the things about photography is that there is so much to learn.  This means that I will never know how to do everything and there will always be something new to challenge me, to be a reason to get out there and just do it.  What are my photography goals?

  • Time-lapse photography
  • Focus stacking
  • Family photos
  • Panorama
  • Winter Photography on the North Shore
  • Drone Photography
  • Better Black and White
  • Portraiture
  • City-Scapes
  • Nature Landscapes
  • Architecture
  • Photographing my garden
  • Creative Composites

And this is just my short list!  I find myself overwhelmed by club members and other photographers on the internet who inspire me and make me think, “I want to do that, too.”  I am especially inspired by the member portfolios that have been posted so far.

Winter Photography Inspiration – photo by Mike Chrun

Obviously I couldn’t possibly reach all these goals in one year and most of them would take years to achieve a proficiency that would satisfy me.  So, focus, focus!  I will choose just one of these this year to give my special attention.  It will be a goal that I believe is achievable or at least be a great start that I can focus on this year.

Do you have a photography goal for 2020?  Please tell me what it is by using the contact form and at the January 2021 meeting we will share our achievements with the club.


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More December News

Group Outing

We will meet at 2:00 pm in the Phipps lobby on Sunday, December 15.  After cruising the streets of Hudson, capturing all the seasonal impressions, we’ll meet up in our normal meeting space at 3:30 for hot chocolate and cookies.


  • If you haven’t already voted for the People’s Choice awards, please do that before 11:00 pm. On Tuesday, December 10.  This is one of the most important awards for our year-end since it is dependent on our members, our peers, instead of an outside judge.  The gallery of contenders is here
  • Our Year-end Celebration is on Friday, December 27.  I emailed invitations a few days ago, but if you didn’t receive it, let me know by using the contact form.

PSA Honors

Gene Schwope, member of the St. Paul Camera Club and Treasurer of the Camera Council presented two of our members with Honorable Mention awards at the December 4 meeting.  The PSA has a Council Challenge that includes a competition of various camera councils throughout the world.  Gene submits photos that have been entered in the Twin City Area of Council Club’s Interclub Competition.  Don Specht was awarded an Honorable Mention certificate for “Willow Flycatcher Feeding Nestlings in the nature category.  Fred Sobottka received two Honorable Mention certificates, one for “Purple Flower” in the creative category, and one for “Playing with Food” in the nature category.  Congratulations!

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December News

Our next meeting on Wednesday, December 4, at 6:30 pm, will feature a judged salon.  A reminder to all who have entered prints this year: all prints receiving acceptances need to be brought to this meeting so they can be judged again for our year-end.

TCACCC Interclub Competition

One of the benefits of membership in the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC) is the free annual competition.  Individuals will be able to submit up to 20 images in five categories:  Contemporary, Nature, Realistic, Color Prints and Monochrome Prints. Our club will also submit 20 images by our members that will compete against other member clubs.  The rules and entry forms are posted here and you can see how we’ve done in past competitions here.  The deadline for entering is Saturday, February 1, 5 pm.


Artist Reception at Westfields Hospital, 2015

Artist Reception at Westfields Hospital, 2015

The Visual Arts Council of The Phipps has completed the jury process to select artists to exhibit their work in The Galleries during 2021 – 2022, at Hudson Hospital & Clinic and Westfields Hospital & Clinic through the Healing Arts Program during 2020 – 2021. They received 122 individual, two-person, and group submissions.  Our club is one of only 29 selected to exhibit at the Phipps.  We will need between 20 and 30 pieces for the exhibits, so sign up at the next meeting or use the contact form.

  • March 13, 2020 – June 9, 2020 at Westfields Hospital, New Richmond – Inpatient Hallway
  • November 4, 2020 – January 31, 2021 at Hudson Hospital – North Wing Lobby
  • September 17, 2021 – October 24, 2021 at the Riverview Gallery at the Phipps

Free Holiday Parking!

The City of Hudson wants to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!   They will have holiday parking starting November 28th, 2019 through January 2, 2020. During that time, visitors and citizens will be allowed to park free for the first 3 hours. After that initial 3 hours is up, you will be expected to pay for more time.  For the free 3 hours you will not need to go to a pay station or use the passport app. The only time you will need to use that is to pay for the time after your 3 hours is up.

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