May – Moving Forward

May – Moving Forward

By now, some of you have experienced live webinars, thanks to some very generous people in the photography community.  Maybe some of you have experienced video conferencing using Zoom, Cisco’s WebEx, or one many other alternatives.   Members of our board had a WebEx meeting a couple of weeks ago and we will have another one tomorrow night.  (We are working on making this better for everyone.)  The experience of some left much to be desired, partly because of bandwidth limitations and likely the amount of internet traffic at the time.  We have decided to use WebEx for future salons and speakers.  The reason we chose WebEx is for its security and also because we will be able to record the meetings in the MP4 format so that we can post the videos on our website. This cannot replace meetings at the Phipps, for sure, and no cookies will be served during the break!

Street Photography: Life and Art in a Split Second

In a virtual meeting of the Western Wisconsin Photography Club on Wednesday evening, May 20 at 6:30 pm, Walter Horishnyk and Richard Ott will share images from their gallery exhibit of New York street photography, “The Manhattan Project.” Winding their way through the crowds and corners of the city, they captured their own personal visions of Manhattan. Their striking use of color and composition makes the city come alive.  In this presentation, they will describe their journey with plenty of tips to improve your own street photography.  Invitations to join the live meeting will be sent to members by email on Wednesday morning.

Street photography has been Walter Horishnyk’s passion for many years. He regularly shows his work of Minnesota, New York City and Havana street photography in galleries. Walter also specializes in live music performances, capturing the musicians’ emotions and energy. Richard Ott has done color and black and white commercial, industrial and sports photography through his company Argus Images He has exhibited in St. Paul, Minneapolis and at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson.

Exhibits Update

Chelsea Long, the Healing Arts Program Director, has contact us to update us regarding the current status and short-term plans for the Healing Arts Programs at Hudson Hospital & Clinic and Westfields Hospital & Clinic. The hospitals will remain closed to non-patients at least through the end of June in response to COVID-19.   As a result, they have had to cancel all art rotations through July and plan for the possibility that the closure continues. They have asked that all artists with work give their permission to keep their work through the end of September, if that becomes necessary, or to notify us of a date by when you absolutely need it prior to that. Artwork will continue to be insured through this time, as well as available for purchase from staff and patients. 

“Yellow Flower” by Michael Waterman

Close to Home

If you haven’t already checked out our Close to Home gallery, click here for inspiration.  Even though some of us are getting out more and further from home, we are still accepting images for the gallery.


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