November 6 Meeting Information & More

On November 6, 6:30 pm, John Pennoyer will be giving a presentation titled “Ten Tips on becoming an Outdoor/Nature Photographer”.  Are you just getting started in outdoor and nature photography? Or maybe you want to become a better nature photographer? In this session, John Pennoyer will talk about his 35-plus years of experience in nature photography and tell you about his journey getting there. He will share his top ten tips to help in your outdoor and nature journey.

Growing up in Kalispell, Montana, it was natural for John to be in the outdoors, whether it was hunting, fishing or just hiking in Glacier National Park. I moved to Minnesota to go to school with the intention of moving back to Montana, but here he is still in Minnesota. After school, I took up bow hunting and, to further my time in thenorthwoods of Minnesota, he also dove into photography. Little did he know how photography would begin to open my eyes to so many things besides whitetail deer. He loves to photograph the flora and fauna of Minnesota, but also enjoys traveling and photographing around other parts of the country. His camera and lenses have always been Nikon but they are just the tools to get the image; it is the photographer’s vision that creates the image. Many of his images have been used by Bowhunter Magazine, Peterson Bowhunting, Game and Fish Magazine, plus many other outdoor related magazines, and various calendar and note card companies.  You can see his work at his web site.

Wendy Maybury Update

As a follow up to the presentation Wendy made on “Famous Women Photographers” last month, she has graciously shared her presentation in pdf format.  You can download it at our Learning page.

New Hudson Parking Rules will begin November 4

Click here and here for more information about the parking changes.

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