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photo 1 by Cameron Darnell

Camera Council News

Interclub Competition

The annual Interclub Competition for 2021 will be happening soon, so it’s time over the next couple months to find your very best photos to submit.  There will be no print competitions this year but Black and White (Monochrome) has been added to the individual categories.  Meanwhile, I’ll be looking at all our salon photos this year to choose 20 for the club competition.  The rules and entry form for 2021 is here.  You should also check out how our club has done in the past by clicking here.

Free Bird Photography Virtual Meetings

Photo by Cameron Darnell

The Camera Council is sponsoring two virtual programs that are available to all members of the Camera Council.  When we get closer to these dates, I will send invitations by email to all members.

Monday, December 14, 6:00 pmIntro to Bird Photography by Cameron Darnell

Bird photography can provide countless opportunities for artistic expression and enjoyment. After discussing the basics of photographing birds, Cameron will explain how to manipulate your camera settings for bird photography, how to use light to your advantage, and how he composes his images. He will share descriptions and image examples highlighting various techniques for developing bird photography skills 

Photo by Cameron Darnell

Monday, January 11, 2021, 6:00 pm  – Creativity in Lighting for Bird Photography by Cameron Darnell

Birds provide a myriad of opportunities for artistic expression beyond a standard portrait. Whether the photographer utilizes backlight, negative space or depth of field, capturing a variety of unique compositions can create a visually stunning bird portfolio. In this workshop, Cameron will explain how to create a thoughtful image that tells a bird’s story. He will share descriptions and image examples highlighting various techniques for becoming a more creative bird photographer.

Cameron is a recent graduate of high school, is 19 years old, and enjoys nature, athletics, and music. He got into photography after birding for a while when he saw someone with a lens clicking shots on a bird walk seven years ago. “It seemed so fun, so I tried it with a beginner digiscope setup. I was hooked immediately! I love the creative aspect of bird photography, how each viewer sees the scene differently and can create his or her unique vision of the subject. It’s fulfilling to provide an outlet for visual wildlife conservation as well through my bird photography.”


Instagram: @camerondarnellphoto

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