The annual TCACCC Interclub Competition is open to members of the Camera Council clubs. There are two parts to the competition. Part 1 is for individual members.  

For individuals there are four digital categories.  They are Altered Reality, Nature, Monochrome, and Realistic. There also two print categories: Color and Monochrome.  All physical prints for our club need to be delivered by one member of our club.

Part 2 is a club competition where clubs select 20 representative digital images taken by their members and the entire portfolio is scored.

  • The deadline for the 2023 competition is Saturday, January 21, 5:00 pm.

Clicking on the links below will download the 2023 rules and forms.  

For a downloadable pdf on how to resize images click here.

To see how our club members have done in previous years click here.

In 2023 the Minnesota Nature Camera Club will have primary responsibility for the Interclub Competition and the Minnetonka Camera Club will be the assisting club. The results will be revealed at the Spring Break event in March.


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