Spring is Coming!

After Mariann Cyr’s program on “Spring Wildflowers” on March 4, some of us have wanted to plan some outings that would include wildflowers and other nature subjects.  Ginny Gaynor and I will be planning for some pop-up DIY solo field trips.  You can help us by sending information about your favorite nature places.  We would like to hear from you with a brief description, directions, parking, and key subject matter.   A place I pass every time I leave home is on Trout Brook Road, also known as one of Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads.  (R13) In the last few days, I’ve noticed shoots of skunk cabbage and expect the leaves will unfold in the next week or so.  At the same place by the end of April, there will also be Marsh Marigolds.  Please help us compile a list by sending information using my email address, if you have it, or use the contact form.  Meanwhile Ginny and I will be visiting places here to monitor what is happening.  I’ve added a new main menu item, “Photowalk Opportunities” that will be updated as news comes in.

Dr. Mike Shaw’s Virtual Meeting Last Night

The meeting was a big success and had more than 60 people signing up and logging into the meeting.  This included members of the St. Croix Valley Camera Club.  A couple of years ago SCVCC shared with our club an opportunity at the Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings.  I consider them to be a “sister club”.  One of the images that Mike used was by Steve Cole.   During the webinar, it was possible to download a blank plan in pdf format.  I converted it to a spreadsheet that you can download by clicking on the link.  Mike Shaw Plan

N4C News

The Spring Convention has been cancelled, but as of now, they are expecting the Annual Convention will take place as planned September 10-12 in Sioux City, Iowa.   All of the monthly digital contests will go on and the judging clubs will be doing that remotely.   I want to thank MJ Springett for posting the winners for March.  You can see the gallery here.

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