Why Didn’t That Image Score Higher?

On Wednesday, June 16, 6:30 pm, revered judge, Mariann Cyr, will present her program “Why Didn’t That Image Score Higher?”  This program will discuss what judges look for in a high-scoring image.  Then she will look at images in 6 categories (landscape, wildlife, structures, people, plants/flowers, sports) with scores ranging from low to high for comparison.  Reasons for the scores will be presented.  At the end there will be a brief discussion of one method that can be used to improve as a photographer.

Mariann’s interest in photography began in college and she has pursued this pastime ever since, with a focus on nature subjects.  She thinks of herself as a “photographic omnivore” in that anything interesting that passes in front of her lens is fair game.  She is active in several Twin City area clubs where she served as president of the Minnesota Nature Photography Club and the 3M Camera Club.  She also served on the Camera Council (Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs) for a number of years helping with Spring Break and other duties. She also chaired the Minnesota Botany Exhibition of Photography for a number of years, the only PSA international competition devoted to plants.  She has judged both local and international PSA competitions.  When she has a camera in her hand she loses all track of time and the stresses of the day.

This will not be recorded as the images discussed have permission restrictions.  There will be 17-page pdf download posted on the club’s Learning page following the meeting. A link to join the meeting will be sent to all members the morning of the program.

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