Total Lunar Eclipse!

The Moon will be a Super Moon for the total eclipse that will happen on January 21.  A Super Moon occurs when the moon is near its closest approach to Earth.  It appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when the moon is at its farthest distance from earth.  The next total eclipse, visible in Hudson, will be in May, 2022, and after that we’ll have to wait until March 2025.

This is the timing for Hudson, Wisconsin

  • 8:36 pm – Penumbral eclipse begins
  • 9:33 pm – Partial eclipse begins
  • 10:41 pm – Total eclipse begins
  • 11:12 pm – Maximum eclipse
  • 11:43 pm – Total eclipse ends
  • 1: 48 am – Penumbral eclipse ends

To see an animation of the eclipse in Hudson and other eclipse information check it out here.

Some of our members have gone out as a group to capture this stunning event.  The composite image was taken in September 2015 and shows how it was necessary to adjust the exposure as the night progressed.  The other photo was taken at Lakefront Park after totality was achieved as the moon set across the river.  This shows how big the moon appears with a 560 mm lens.  Unfortunately the moon set over a building that was under construction!

For information on photographing the eclipse, see this article by Alan Dyer.

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