February is Here!

Our next meeting on Wednesday, February 5, will begin at 6:30 pm and will include our first competition salon on the year.  This year assignment images have their own category and be judged against all other assignment images.  Also beginning this year, our salon coordinator will announce the title of the image before the judge makes comments.  For images that receive an acceptance score of 8 to 10 points, the photographer’s name will also be announced.

Our Salons serve two principal purposes:

  • Competition Our members enjoy the competitive aspects of participation in a salon. Scores reflect an individual’s level of skill and progress in improving one’s skills as well as the overall level of skill compared to other club members.
  • Education Although our members are eager to receive a rating of an image, a verbal critique is often of greater educational value to both the maker and the other club members.

Member Portfolios

“M31, Andromeda Galaxy” – Bryan Leonard

Last week I had the pleasure of posting a portfolio for Bryan Leonard.  You can see his portfolio here.  For the last few years, I’ve received a monthly email from Bryan highlighting what is coming  up  in the night sky for each month.  Please use the contact form to be included or speak to Bryan at a meeting. 

Portfolios are an opportunity for members to display a body of work and is a benefit of club membership.   A portfolio should reflect a photographer’s personal style and photographic interests and will also serve as an introduction to other club members.  This can also be a fun challenge!  Here is how to do it.  You can also view all 18 portfolios by clicking this link.

“The Chase” – MJ Springett

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