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Coming Up in May, Part One

  • On Wednesday, May 1, at 6:30 pm, Bryan Hansel will be presenting his program, “Hot Spots of the North Shore”.  Spaces for the sunrise workshop he is giving on May 2 are still available.  More information about the program and workshop can be found on this post.

    Photo by Will C. Fritsch

  • May 2, 5 to 8 pm – Encore! A Celebration of Community at the Phipps Center for the Arts. There will be an open house from 5-7 pm and complimentary food  will be provided by the San Pedro Café, Seasons Tavern and Urban Olive and Vine.  Pier 500 gift certificates and theater tickets will be given as door prizes.  From 7-8 pm there will be entertainment in the main theater and performing arts and visual arts programming for the 2019-20 season will be announced.  This will be an opportunity to meet with Collin Geraghty, the Performing Arts Production Coordinator who has asked for our help.   This is a free event and more information is here.
  • May 4 – Will C. Fritsch has invited us to the Grand Opening of the Railway Art Gallery, 121 Tyler Street, Hastings, on Saturday, May 4th, from noon to 5 pm. He is one of the featured artists with ten of his photographs on display.  If you can’t make it on May 4, his exhibit runs until the end of June, but keep in mind that the gallery is open only on Saturdays from noon to 5 pm.  Congratulations, Will!

Member Portfolios

One of the benefits of club membership is this new feature that was added this year.  It’s an opportunity to display a body of work, reflecting your personal style and interests.  This is not intended as a competition, and there are virtually no rules as long as the photos follow a theme.  So far 16 member portfolios have been added to our website, with the newest one being posted for MJ Springett.  Consider joining in…the guidelines are here.


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News you need to know

Interclub Competition Deadline is Saturday

These next few cold, blustery days will be a good time to look for some of your best photos to enter the 2019 Interclub Competition.  The deadline for entering is this Saturday, February 2, at 5:00 pm.  The digital entries are all done by email, but the prints need to be delivered to the drop off site by the same deadline.  Bring your prints to the Phipps lobby between 2 and 3 pm on Saturday to get them delivered.  Rules and entry forms are here and on the Camera Council website.

February 6 Meeting

Our first meeting in February will feature a club salon.   Our salons serve two purposes.  Some of our members enjoy the competition aspect where scores reflect their level of skill and progress in improving, and their skill compared to other members.  The verbal critique has educational value to both the photographer and to other members.  We ask the judge to express what they like about every image and what the photographer might have done to improve. I always submit what I think are real winners, and a judge will help me to see what I’ve missed with an image I have fallen in love with.   I learn something at every salon and because the critiques are about real images that real members of our club have submitted, it has more relevance.


  • “Wish upon a Star”, a portfolio image from Pat Chiconis

    If you haven’t already paid your 2019 dues, bring a check or cash to the meeting. Dues are $35.00 per year for a single membership and are payable in January every year.  Family membership is $35.00 plus $10.00 for each family member living under the same roof. 

  • It’s not too late to commit to a photography goal for 2019. Please use the contact form to make a formal commitment.  We will share your achievements at the January 2020 meeting.
  • Consider putting together a portfolio, a new benefit of membership. These are not intended to be competitive and there are no rules other than the images need to fit a theme.  They make a great introduction of your work and interests to other members.  There are already 11 member portfolios on our web site.  See if you can find them! 
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Making Goals and Member Portfolios

Photography Goals

With a fresh new year ahead, a lot of people set goals.  Mine are usually about losing weight or getting more exercise.  A lot of my goals fall short because I haven’t really committed to them by telling another person or the goals were not realistic.  Setting a realistic, achievable photography goal and sending your goal by using the contact form is a way to be more committed to a goal by telling someone about it in confidence.  Then at the January 2020 meeting you can share your achievement with other members.  The January meetings that include goals presentations are among the highest rated meetings every year.

Member Portfolios

From Michael Huber’s portfolio

A great new benefit of membership in WWPC is member portfolios.  It’s an opportunity to display a body of work that reflects your personal style and photographic interests.  It will also serve as an introduction to others in the club.  This is not a competition and the only rules for the images is that they fit the theme of your portfolio.   For more information about submitting a portfolio, here are the guidelines.  Think about it and join in!

Four member portfolios have already been posted on our web site and they are all interesting and inspiring.  They are

2018 Was a Very Good Year!

I am looking forward to 2019 but here is a review of 2018 in numbers.

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