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September Meetings and News

Thursday September 3, from 6:00 – 7:00 pm

“The Power of Contrast” with Lisa Langell 

You should have received a link to register for this virtual meeting in late July.  Those who registered will get a link to join the meeting directly from Lisa a day or two before the meeting begins.  If you haven’t registered, but want to now, please let me know by using our contact form.  More information about the program is here.


Wednesday, September 16, 6:30 pm-8:00 pm

Photo by Bryan Leonard

“Untracked Astrophotography” with Bryan Leonard

Astrophotography is something that can be enjoyed by everyone  Bryan will cover planning, equipment, selection of a target, photographing your deep sky object (DSO), calibration frames, stacking your images and post-processing.  He will also demo Stellarium, Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) and Lightroom. Don’t be overwhelmed by the terminology, we will discuss everything in some detail and will have time for questions & answers. Use the equipment you have and enjoy your time outside under the stars! 

Invitations to join the meeting will be emailed to all our members on the day of the meeting.

2020 Scavenger Hunt Reminder

You still have until September 4 to capture photos, and the deadline for entry is Saturday, September 12.  If you need the list of categories and how to send your entries, use our contact form and I’ll send everything you need to know.

N4C Contests Resume this month!

There are six digital categories each month:  Altered Reality, Black and White, Journalism, Nature, Pictorial and Travel.  Because our club will be judging the Pictorial contest in September, we won’t be able to enter that contest, but we will be able to double-enter Pictorial in October.  Please see this page about how to enter N4C contests.

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Do It Yourself Excursions & More

Do It Yourself Excursions

Pasque Flowers by Ginny Gaynor

I’ve added a menu item on our main page, “Photowalk Opportunities”, where some of our members, including Mike Chrun, Ginny Gaynor, Sarah Hefty and I have sent ideas to share.  The Pasque Flowers are blooming now!  Because we can’t schedule group outings now, this is the next best thing.  This page will be updated continuously, especially in the next couple of weeks.  If you have places to share, please use the contact form to let me know all about it.

Close to Home

Have you downloaded the free eBook, “Close to Home: Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Back Yard”?  It is being made available until the end of April by its author, Stuart Sipahigil, for free. (It’s been unavailable from its publisher, Craft and Vision for the last few years). You can find the link on the Home page here:  The link to download is the title of the book in italics that states “So, for a limited time (until April 30), I’m making my popular ebook, Close to Home: Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Back Yard, available for free. Simply right click on the book title and save it to your computer.”  Please send me new or old photos that are “Close to Home” and I’ll put up a gallery to inspire us.  Please send them no larger than 960 pixels on the longest side and email them to

Michael Huber, one of our most talented and creative members, found a place in his own yard.  Watch those tricky moves!

Dried Weeds – Linda Donaldson

Also consider trying some tabletop photography, including the still life genre.  Here is a tutorial to get you started.

Sunflowers and Squash – Terry Butler

N4C Contests Are Still Running

The monthly contests are still happening!   The deadline for April is on the tenth and here is how to enter.

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How our Club is Dealing with the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that for the next 8 weeks, organizers cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 10 people or more throughout the U.S.  The spread of coronavirus is a fast-moving narrative; there are many unknowns and uncertainties. We have the interests of all our members in mind as we work our way through this difficult time together.  We recognize that many may be disappointed by these cancellations. Much work has gone into the planning and organization, and now work remains to undo plans that have been made.   Richard Hudson is contacting speakers and Steve Cole is working with judges to re-schedule speakers and judges for our meetings and salons.  We are also pursuing ideas for virtual meetings. Here are the meetings that are cancelled:

  • Wednesday, March 18, 6:30 pm: Mike Shaw on Photography Planning Apps
  • Wednesday, April 1, 6:30 pm: Salon Meeting
  • Wednesday, April 15, 6:30 pm: Rikk Flohr on Photography in Iceland
  • Wednesday, May 6, 6:30 pm: Gary Alan Nelson on Semi-Abstract Landscape Photography

The April Salon will be postponed until June and the June salon will be cancelled.  Images already submitted for the April salon will be judged at the June 3 meeting.  Judging of the N4C Journalism contest scheduled for Sunday, March 22, is being done remotely.

Other Things We Can Do

Close to Home – Milkweed in My Back Yard – Terry Butler

  • With the help of Ginny Gaynor and Richard Hudson, we are planning some short notice outings to capture wildflowers in our area.
  • The popular and now timely eBook, “Close to Home: Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Back Yard” is being made available until the end of April by its author, Stuart Sipahigil, for free. (It’s been unavailable from its publisher, Craft And Vision for the last few years). You can find the link on the Home page here:  The link to download is the title of the book in italics that states. “So, for a limited time (until April 30), he is making his popular ebook, Close to Home: Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Back Yard, available for free.”
  • Please send me new or old photos that are “Close to Home” and I’ll put up a gallery to inspire us.  Please send them no larger than 960 pixels on the longest side, give them a meaningful title, and email them to
  • Also, for people who were interested in Mike Shaw’s talk about the Planit app, here’s his index of the online tutorials, produced by the makers of the app: Mike is also considering doing a Webinar and will let us know if and when it happens.
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Hudson’s Hot Air Affair is This Weekend

There will be a ton of photo opportunities this weekend in Hudson!

Photo by H Steve Cole

The schedule includes:

  • Friday, Feb 7th there will be a parade at 7:00 pm followed by fireworks
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th Morning Launch is scheduled for 7:35 a.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th Afternoon Launch is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th Hot Air Balloon Moon Glow or Field of Fire is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, Feb. 9th Morning Launch is scheduled for 7:35 a.m.
  • Here is a link to the complete schedule.

Wind exceeding 8 mph or no wind at all means the balloons won’t fly.


“Swan Stretch” by Larry Weinman

While you’re in town for the balloon festivities it would be a good time to photograph the swans.  One of best bird photographers in our club recommends arriving by 10 am.  From the Phipps follow 1st street going north and when you get to St. Croix Street turn left to the river.  There are dozens of swans and a variety of ducks swimming in open water.  I plan on being there Saturday morning and I hope to see you.

Please send your photos to and I’ll put up a gallery! (960 pixels on the long side is perfect.)


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July News


There was a great turnout last week for the Scavenger Hunt.  Be sure to send your photos in the next couple days to  If you need to get the submission guidelines, request them using the same email address.

Phipps Theater Photography Opportunities

Photo by Fred Sobottka – ISO 1600, 80 mm, f/2.8, 1/200 sec,

Last week Fred Sobottka answered the call to photograph a dress rehearsal at the Phipps.  The show he shot was “Weekend Comedy”, which will be running Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons until the end of this month.  Fred reported that the lead actor was so funny and had great facial expressions.  The next photo opportunity will be on Wednesday, September 11 for “Population 485”, which will be directed by Collin Geraghty.  Shoot me an email or use the contact form if you are interested.  Collin would like three to four volunteers.


John Gregor Workshop September 6-8

John Gregor is offering a 3-day landscape photography workshop at the Phipps from September 6-8. This will be a combined field and classroom workshop.  The participants will make several 8 x 10 test prints and a single12 x 18 exhibition quality fine art print.  This is a great opportunity to learn from John without the expense of travel.  Information and registration link.

N4C Convention September 19-21

This year the convention is hosted by the Des Moines Camera Club.  There will be ten speakers, 8 guided field trips, 9 independent field trip options, the opening reception Thursday evening at the hotel, and a banquet meal with awards on each Friday and Saturday night.   Offerings include topics from techniques to getting the shot, wildlife to sports, street to macro, b/w processing, and showing your work.  Guided field trips place our experts at your side at some of our favorite locations.  Keynote speakers Don Komarechka and David Thoreson are sure to be captivating and leaving you with much to think about.  See the Des Moines Camera Club for more information and to register.  Both Sue Oberstar and I have attended N4C conventions in the past and they are worthwhile.   There is nothing better than to have a weekend to focus on our passion with a group of people who feel the same way.



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Booster Days – by Troy Schmidt

Did you get out to shoot fireworks this year?  Whether you made pictures at the Hudson Booster Days on Friday night or anywhere else, let’s create a gallery!  Even images taken in your own yard of sparklers or family celebrations will qualify.  Please send your favorites to  Give each image a meaningful title and include your name.

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Something for Everybody

Carl Wegener’s Macro Lighting Kit – Photo by Richard Hudson

We had a great meeting Wednesday night.    Following Peggy Boike’s presentation on macro photography, Bryan Leonard shared information on his macro gear that included extension tubes, macro couplers for reversing lenses, close-up lenses and tele-converters. Carl Wegener also brought his tabletop macro lighting kit.  Bryan will make a more complete presentation on macro next year.   Here is a pdf of Bryan and Carl’s presentation.

Photo Backup and the Cloud

Those of us who live in Hudson Township have been promised an upgrade to fiber optic cable from our provider, Baldwin Lightstream.  Ted Johnston, IT professional and former member, is one of their customers whose installation has been completed.  Ted says that the new fiber that Baldwin is laying gives you a synchronous connection.  Translation:  Most cable and DSL connections are asynchronous. The upload and download speeds are VERY different. Before the switch he had 75Mbps download and 4Mbps (or so) upload on their cable service. After the switch to fiber, he now has 75Mbps both upload and download.  Why this matters:  When backing up photos to “the cloud” you use the upload speed. This switch just increased the speed he can backup photos by almost 19 times. To give you a comparison- to get a 50Mbps synchronous connection at his office in Plymouth, Comcast quoted $450 per month.  Most people will not notice this increase in upload speed, but photographers backing up to the cloud certainly will.   A few years ago, Ted gave a presentation to the club on storage backup and the cloud.  You can still download it from our Learning page.  These days, he is recommending Backblaze for cloud storage.

Phipps Annual Call for Artists

The Phipps Annual Call for Artists deadline in July 1.  The Phipps seeks submissions from visual artists in Wisconsin and Minnesota for exhibition opportunities in 2021-2022 in the galleries of the Phipps and in four public exhibition programs in 2020: Hudson Hospital & Clinic; Westfields Hospital & Clinic in New Richmond, WI; Croixdale in Bayport, MN; and Woodland Hill in Hudson, WI.  Submissions for individuals and groups will be accepted, so this could be a great opportunity to make a submission for yourself, or to partner with someone else.  Click here for details. 


2017 Booster Days Fireworks Composite – Terry Butler

Hudson Booster Days fireworks will be on Friday, July 5 at dusk.  This year I will be taking the walking path on the south side of town that eventually parallels the I-94 bridge.  Feel free to join me…bring your tripod and bug spray.   The Booster Days parade will be on Saturday, July 6 at 11 am.   The parade could be another opportunity for getting those street photography photos that we need for the August Salon.  Stillwater fireworks will be on July 4 at 10:00 pm. Continue reading »

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Special Mid-month Meeting

On Wednesday, June 19 at 6:30 pm, Peggy Boike make a presentation on Macro Photography.  She will explain what macro photography is and what equipment is useful.  She will also discuss techniques for creating appealing photos, such as dealing with macro’s notoriously narrow depth of field and recognizing good lighting.  Finally, she will cover basic composition as it is applied to macro photography.

Phlox Florets by Peggy Boike

Peggy is very active in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and was recognized as “Volunteer of the Year” in 2018.  She has earned PSA’s “MPSA” distinction, requiring at least 1,500 acceptances in international exhibitions.  She also judges international exhibitions.  She is a member of three Camera Clubs:  St. Paul Camera Club and St. Croix Valley Camera Club in Minnesota, as well as Grand Photos, in Surprise, Arizona, where she and her husband spend the winter months.  She has given numerous presentations, workshops and classes for photography clubs in Minnesota and Arizona.

After the break, Bryan Leonard will share information on his macro experience and equipment, Carl Wegener will discuss his lighting kit and there will be hands-on shooting opportunities if time allows.  Si bring your gear!

“Waiting” by Becky Vandyk

Stillwater Photowalk

Richard Hudson reported that a group of members hit the streets Saturday morning.  If you were there, please send your favorite photos to and they will be added to a gallery.  Give the photos a meaningful title that includes your name.  Size them at 960 pixels on the longest side.  Here is one by Becky Vandyk.

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Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Correction

My most recent post had the wrong address for the garden, which I discovered last Sunday when I previewed the location.  In just a short walk along the Trillium Trail there were many woodland flowers in bloom, very close to the path. 

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary Group Outing

  • May 18, (Saturday) 8 am
  • 1 Theodore Wirth Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55411
  • Parking is $1:00 per hour
  • Map link

The gardens open at 7:30 AM.  This 13 acre garden and bird sanctuary is a popular spot due to the huge variety of flowers and native plants along trails that visit bog, forest and upland prairie habitats.  There is no admission fee.  Informal photos of plants and garden areas for personal use are permitted while remaining completely on the trails at all times.  The use of tripods and other equipment is strongly discouraged. Any tripods or equipment used must remain completely on the trails at all times and must not impede other visitors’ ability to walk on a trail.  This time of the year is the best for woodland flowers and spring ephemerals.  I plan on bringing a tripod, reflector and diffuser.

Please send your best shots to and I’ll put up a gallery.

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