Another Lisa Langell Webinar!

Thanks to Mike Chrun, who happens to be the president of the St. Croix Valley Camera Club,  we will have another webinar with Lisa Langell.  The subject is “Using the Fibonacci Sequence and other patterns to inspire creative photography.”  This will begin at 6:30 pm on Monday, June 8.  You must be registered as soon as possible to participate and I’ll be emailing the link to all members tonight.

Need a creativity boost? Find it in patterns found in nature. Emphasizing these patterns can produce incredible imagery and inspiration to find beauty in things previously overlooked.

Lisa will focus on a variety of patterns that will give you new ideas and techniques that set you apart as a photographer. One of these patterns, the Fibonacci Sequence, is a fascinating pattern that is found naturally in the outdoors from flowers to fruit, mollusks and more. Learn about this fascinating pattern and discover the subjects that incorporate this pattern so that you can photograph the beauty in them in unique ways.

You will learn:

  • About a variety of patterns found in nature
  • How to identify and focus on these patterns to inspire your photography — both in individual photographs and as a collage, grouping or gallery setting
  • Use Photoshop to enhance the visualization of these patterns
  • How patterns can create excellent personal photographic projects

Is the Fibonacci Sequence new to you?  Michael Huber incorporated it in the design of our name tags.



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