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September Events and More

St. Croix Railroad Photo Outing – Saturday, September 23

Photo by Bryan Leonard

It’s been over a year since we visited the St. Croix Railroad (SCRR), so Bryan think it’s time we go back.  The SCRR is a hobby organization primarily dedicated to miniature railroads.  They are open to the public for only two weekends and this will be last opportunity to visit this year.  We plan to meet at the Park-n-Ride by Target in Hudson at 10am, Saturday, September 23 and travel 5 miles south of Hudson to the SCRR grounds.   SCRR asks that we register in the main building and get our name tags (might be a small fee).  They have modern bathrooms and food is available.  Please join Bryan if you can.  (I’ll be at the N4C Convention.)

Stillwater Library Exhibit Reception – Wednesday September 27

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March Happenings

Photo by Michael Huber

John Gregor-March 1

March began with a bang, having John Gregor with us again on the first of the month.  I appreciate his simple approach to achieving his vision and his dedication to prints.  I am paraphrasing here, but what stuck with me was his statement about digital vs. prints: “Digital is temporary for places like Facebook, but prints are real.”  A print is an art form in itself.  To me, there is nothing better than holding a print in my hands.

Tabletop Hands-On Workshop-March 18

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News, Important Deadline & an Invitation

October Meeting Review

canonAt the October 5 meeting Gus Gulbranson of Northwest Camera & Video Repair shared with us some tips on caring for our gear.  One of the things he told us was that it was important to format our cards in camera, as opposed to deleting them from the card via our computer.  Deleting any other way can lead to problems with writing images to the card.  I knew about that, but there were a couple of things I didn’t know before.  One of them was that our cameras can work a bit erratic with old batteries.  I have been using some that were purchased with my camera four years ago, so that explains why my camera acts a bit funky at times.  Another recommendation for that kind of camera behavior is to go into the camera’s menu system and restore the factory settings.  (This will not reset any of your custom functions.)  I’ve added a link on our home page to Gus’s Facebook page.  Our members highly recommend his work and sometimes he can even fix problems over the phone.

N4C Best of the Best


N4C’s 1st place for nature – “The Chase” by Lori Moilanen

Also at the October, I had the honor of passing out the “Best of the Best” awards from N4C.  The N4C year runs from September to May, and at the end of their year, all images receiving first place, second place, third place and honorable mentions were judged again to determine the “Best of the Best”.  The winning images rose to the top from a total of approximately 1000 images per contest category submitted through the year.  The inspiring gallery of images is here.

Important Reminder

Our final competition salon will be held at the November meeting.  The deadline for submitting digital entries is October 12.  Up to four digital entries can be submitted if at least two of them qualify for our assignment, which is “Story Telling or Emotion.”  Here are more details on the assignment and our competition rules are here.  In addition, up to two prints can be brought to the meeting 15 minutes before it begins.  The deadline for N4C contests is always the tenth of each month.

More City Lights Photowalks

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June was a big month! (Really big)

On the first of June Bryan Hansel appeared before a packed crowd to talk about composition.  Aside from what I learned, I was struck by how down to earth and personable he was.  He’s told me he would be happy to come back some day.

Temperence River Falls

Temperance River Falls – Terry Butler

Then on the 15th, Rikk Flohr gave a presentation on waterfalls that was filled with good advice and inspiration.  It was especially nice to have John Hanson, Adobe software engineer, as a guest since he brought many goodies for a drawing.  My take-away from Rikk’s presentation was not to include the sky, shoot from downstream and don’t shoot when the sun is shining on the falls.  It’s not necessary to have a filter to make a waterfall photo that shows movement, especially if you are in the woods or it is cloudy.  Shoot in aperture priority with the lowest ISO possible (50 or 100) and use a small aperture like f/22.  Using a polarizing filter will also help to get a longer shutter speed.  I was up on the North Shore with John Gregor just a few days after the meeting and got this one.  This was shot at ISO 100, f/22 and 4 seconds, using a 4-stop neutral density filter.

Save the date!

My next blog post will include detailed information about a waterfall photowalk that Troy Schmidt has planned.   The date will be Wednesday, July 20, 6:45 pm with a rain date one week later and the location is Glen Park in River Falls.

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May Meetings and News

Special Mid-Month Meeting on the 25th

Mariann CyrMariann Cyr will be the guest speaker at the May 25 meeting that begins at 6:30 pm.  The presentation will be “Basics of Wildflower Photography” and will give you the information you need to capture these delights of nature.  It will include an overview of the equipment you can use, what “depth of field” is and how to control it, the best lighting to use, and how to control distracting backgrounds.  Mariann is active in several Twin City area photography clubs and the Camera Council (Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs).  She has served as president of the Minnesota Nature Photography Club and the 3M Camera Club. For a number of years, Mariann chaired the Minnesota Botany Exhibition of Photography, the only PSA international competition devoted to plants.   She is listed in the Photographic Society of America’s Who’s Who for Nature and has been published in the Minnesota Weather Guide Calendar and Minnesota Monthly.  She judges both local and international photo competitions.

Mariann Cyr-Pasque Flower

Pasque Flower by Mariann Cyr

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Call for Artists, a Free River Cruise, and More

Club member Amanda Bierbaum is a member of the Phipps Visual Arts Council and shared some exciting information with us at the March 2 meeting.

Phipps Call For Artists–National Parks: Personal Narratives

NPS-Call-for-ArtThe National Park Service celebrates its centennial in 2016. In these hundred years, the NPS mission has broadened from the preservation of unique natural sites to include historical and cultural places for our enjoyment and recreation. In appreciation of this, The Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wisconsin, will host a juried art show entitled “National Parks – Personal Narratives” as the opening event in its newly refurbished galleries, October 21 – November 27, 2016. Artists are encouraged to submit their personal responses to our National Parks through depictions, interpretations, impressions, and memories.  The submission deadline is August 1, 4 pm.  More information is on the Phipps website.  Amanda had a handout on this at the March meeting, which had an incorrect email for submittal, so be sure to download the pdf.

Free River Photo Cruise


Photo by Amanda Bierbaum

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March Meetings

Brian PetersonWhat a pleasure it was to have Brian Peterson with us for our first meeting of the month!  It was interesting to get an understanding of what it is like to be a working photographer-journalist.  Considering all of his local and national awards, he came across as humble and down to earth.  When sharing information about “State of Wonders”, Brian told his experience about self-publishing a printed book.  Brian generously brought a signed print that was given to one of our members who purchased a book.  Congratulations to Carol Menke for being the winner!  The real take-away for me was hearing about the way he approaches a subject to tell the story.  Coincidentally, that is one of our assignments this year.

Judging N4C – Saturday, March 19, 9 am to noon

I would first like to say thank-you for letting me serve as yourOur club joined the N4C almost two years ago and since then our members have been entering their monthly contests.  This month it’s our turn to judge the travel contest, a first for us.  We expect to receive close to a hundred digital images.  You are welcome to stop by to observe or to help.


 Lighting with Off Camera Flash – Sunday, March 20, 1:00-3:00 pm with Ted Johnston

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February Meeting Summary and News

Meeting Summary

Western Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below Arch

The appearance of Missy Sparrow started off the February 3rd meeting. Missy is a biologist with the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources and is our contact for the club’s project to “Capture the Western Prairie.” Missy’s slide show and her enthusiasm is contagious and I can hardly wait to be involved. Lori and I have added more information on the project, so check out the 2016 Club Project page.

Just for Fun!

As the break ended, Michael Huber got us all lined up for a 360-degree group shot, using the Ricoh Theta S. How fun is that? Thanks, Michael! We can always count on you to show us the cutting edge in the photography world!  (Michael is the one with rabbit ears.)

PhotoClub 16-0203 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


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