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Booster Days – by Troy Schmidt

Did you get out to shoot fireworks this year?  Whether you made pictures at the Hudson Booster Days on Friday night or anywhere else, let’s create a gallery!  Even images taken in your own yard of sparklers or family celebrations will qualify.  Please send your favorites to  Give each image a meaningful title and include your name.

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“Blooming Butterflies” Exhibit Returns June 15!

More than 6,000 butterflies from around the world are winging their way to Blooming Butterflies, Como’s popular interpretive garden all about the power of pollinators. For just $1, you can release your own butterfly during the daily butterfly release at noon and watch it take flight!  Up to 400 butterflies will be released each week.

I went last year a couple of times and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many keepers in such a short amount of time, around a half hour.  All of the images were shot with a 180mm macro lens, but many of the butterflies are at arm’s length.  All images were at f/8 and on bright days I used 800 ISO; cloudy days the ISO was 1600.  (Higher ISO because of the hand-held long lens.)

Terry’s recommendations:

  • Go early in the day! As the temperatures rise, the butterflies are more active and less likely to stay still enough to pose.  A sunny, cool morning is the best.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to get a good parking space.
  • Do not plan on taking a camera bag into the tent.

Basic Information:

  • Location:  1225 Estabrook Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55103
  • Cost:  Free, but a voluntary donation of $3.00 is appreciated
  • Hours:  10 am to 6:00 pm
  • Tripods are not allowed
  • More Information


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Make any photo a masterpiece@

Make Any Photo Look Like an Ansel Adams Masterpiece!

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Raider Nation Composite

Taking on a Challenge

2016-volleyballcompositeAfter being asked by the Hudson High School Girls Volleyball Team to create a team poster, Michael Huber relented, partly because he felt bad about their not having one, and partly because of the challenge it would bring.  Michael had a vision of how he wanted the end product to be, which helped in capturing and processing all the images he would need.  It helped that he already has experience in achieving the Joel Grimes look of grittiness that he wanted.  It also helped that he has a working knowledge of lighting and how to work with the girls.  So, what do you get when you have the vision to make a composite of all these images and more?

2016-volleyballThis video on our YouTube Channel shows the challenge from start to finish.



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Sports Photography at U.S. Figure Skating Championships

I recently attended a sports photography class sponsored by National Camera Exchange.  We were given access to the U.S. Figure Skating Championship at the Xcel Energy Center.  The evening started with classroom instruction by Carlos Gonzalez, a sports photographer for the Star Tribune.  He showed many of his best sports images (many of which are found here on his website gallery) and he shared some of his techniques.

Later, we ventured into the arena.  Only credentialed photographers were permitted to shoot, so it was a privilege to have this opportunity to shoot a national sporting event.  We had two designated shooting positions.  One was at ice level, right behind the official photographers and next to the skating judges. IMG_9337

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Just for Fun-Making Snow

Just for Fun – Making Snow

While prowling the internet, I’ve found a couple of tutorials over the years on how to add falling snow to a photograph. For some reason that appealed to me more than going shooting in sub-zero weather. In the warmer environment of my little office/studio I gave one a try. There are a lot of steps, but they are clearly illustrated, and I liked the outcome.  Snow tutorial link  Here is a before and after.

Legeros Sculpture

Sculpture – Before

Legeros Sculpture with Snow

Sculpture with Falling Snow


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‘Tis the Season

Just for fun!

11.03 Christmas BokehOne of my favorite things during the holidays is to capture decorations. Christmas trees with those tiny lights makes it easy to capture images with bokeh. In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. To create bokeh position an object, or ornament in the foreground with points of light in the background. Shoot in aperture priority and use a small f/number like 2.8 or 4.0 or whatever the lens will allow. Focus on the foreground subject and the wide aperture will throw the background out of focus and will create bokeh. You may have to play around with the distance between the subject and the lights to get good results.






11.05 Christmas Bokeh

50 mm lens at f/1.4

Shaped BokehShaped bokeh is easy. Trace the front of the lens with pencil on black construction paper. Trim on the inside of the pencil lines to fit the lens and leave a small tab. Then in the center, with a craft knife cut out a shape, about 3/8” in diameter, such as a star or heart. When finished, press into the front of the lens.



DIY Light Wand

I wanted to try and make a ‘light saber like’ wand to do some light painting. Got everything from Menards and went to work! Really easy to put together and I will have fun trying it in different settings. This video shows how it was built and a few examples.

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When a Lake Freezes Over


I grew up on a small lake and I remember one winter, the lake froze solid over night. For the next week, before the snow came, we could ice skate the entire lake and see the fish and weeds below us. It was magical!

That memory came back to me when I ran across some fabulous images and decided to dig a little deeper into where they were taken.

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Photography Gift Guide!

braceletI have to start out with my annual favorite. I have and wear one. every time I notice it on my wrist, it reminds me to get out and shoot! Lens Bracelet Continue reading »