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May 19 – Judging of the May N4C Travel contest

On Saturday, beginning at 9:00 am, we will be judging 90 Travel images sent to us by 19 other N4C Clubs.  Consider joining us to help or to learn how this is accomplished.  We will be done by 11:30.

May 23 Meeting – Composition 101

Golden Triangle

Composition is one of the three judging criteria used by N4C for their monthly contests. For N4C, each of the three judges give a score for Composition, as well as for Technique and Interest.  N4C’s definition of composition is “the arrangement of all elements within the picture area so the subject matter is presented as a harmonious, well-balanced photograph.”   I will give a presentation that will cover some of the most well-known composition rules that cover the placement of the center of interest, such as the “rule of thirds”.  Going beyond the composition rules, I will cover other elements of composition such as orientation, the use of perspective, leading lines, repetition and more.

Members are asked to bring three or four of their images on thumb drives, on tablets or in print form so that we can break down into small groups for discussion.  If you have a laptop, please bring that, too.

June 6 Meeting – Judged Salon

Having an experienced judge come to our meeting to talk about our images is one of the best learning opportunities that we offer.  Some members enjoy the competitive aspects of participation in a salon.  Scores reflect an individual’s level of skill and progress in improving one’s skills as well as the overall level of skill compared to other club members. We also expect the judge to give a verbal critique which is often of greater educational value to both the maker and the other club members.

Good Judge – Bad Judge?

Not all judges are equal, that’s for sure.  Most judges can’t help but be influenced by their own personal feelings, experience and tastes, however hard they try to be objective.  Getting a lower than hoped-for score shouldn’t influence the photographer to the point that they lose their enthusiasm for making pictures or belonging to a camera club.  This photography thing should be more about pleasing yourself and less about getting a lot of Facebook likes or making a judge happy.


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