Upcoming Meeting and Just for Fun

JP Cropped SmallThis Wednesday night, John Pennoyer will give a presentation, “Winter Light – Winter Photography”. This will cover all aspects of winter photography and will include staying comfortable in cold weather. I am hoping he can tell me how to keep my fingers warm. Having set an assignment for February that includes winter photography, I thought I should get out there myself. I prodded Bryan Leonard into meeting me at Birkmose Park last Tuesday night to get a shot of the crescent moon. It was -2°, not including the wind chill, and after experiencing difficulty operating the camera with gloves and mittens, I worked bare-handed until I had to quit.  It didn’t take long!

Just for Fun – Making Snow

While prowling the internet, I’ve found a couple of tutorials over the years on how to add falling snow to a photograph. For some reason that appealed to me more than going shooting in sub-zero weather. In the warmer environment of my little office/studio I gave one a try. There are a lot of steps, but they are clearly illustrated, and I liked the outcome.  Snow tutorial link  Here is a before and after.

Legeros Sculpture

Sculpture – Before

Legeros Sculpture with Snow

Sculpture with Falling Snow

Interclub Competition

One of the benefits of our club’s membership in the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs is it annual competition for individuals who are members of a member club. There are five categories including Contemporary (or creative), Nature, Realistic, Color Prints and Mono Prints. The deadline for entry is January 30, 5 pm, and more details are here . If you have any questions, use our contact form and I’ll help.

See you soon!

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