2018 Club Competition

This year we tied for “Club of the Year”!  Thanks to all our great photographers who made this possible.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

1.Aurora Bridge - Michael Herrem2.Dells Mill in Fall - Jim Kaul3.Landing Gear Down - Melissa Anderson4.Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Sue Oberstar5.So Many Stars - Terry Butler6.Stillwater Evening - Michael Huber7.Fog Walk - Steve Cole8.Heron with Catfish - Kathy Lauerer9.A Little Snack - Marianne Diericks10.Hawkeye - Carl Wegener11.Trumpeter Swan - Michael Waterman12.Wolf Puppy Stalking - Larry Weinman13.Skipper - MJ  Springett14.I See You - Patrick Liebergen15.After the Storm - Troy Schmidt16.Cancun Lifghthouse - Sue Fries17.Dawn over Dead Horse Point - Richard Hudson18.Water Lily - Marilyn Rau19.Come with Me - Willie Gorham20.Winter Lighthouse - Fred Sobottka