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Taking on a Challenge

2016-volleyballcompositeAfter being asked by the Hudson High School Girls Volleyball Team to create a team poster, Michael Huber relented, partly because he felt bad about their not having one, and partly because of the challenge it would bring.  Michael had a vision of how he wanted the end product to be, which helped in capturing and processing all the images he would need.  It helped that he already has experience in achieving the Joel Grimes look of grittiness that he wanted.  It also helped that he has a working knowledge of lighting and how to work with the girls.  So, what do you get when you have the vision to make a composite of all these images and more?

2016-volleyballThis video on our YouTube Channel shows the challenge from start to finish.


Greg Lundgren Follow Up

Greg LundgrenWe had one of the best attendance numbers this year at our September meeting!   Greg gave us plenty of detailed advice on how to capture and process city lights at night.  I’d been following him on Facebook and felt he was a generous soul since whenever people ask for location or capture details, he always complied.  What I didn’t expect was that he would supply us with a complete pdf version of his presentation.  You can find it on our Learning Page as a download.  Don’t delay!  It will only be there until the end of September.

New Project Photowalk September 17, 10:00 am.


Photo by Carl Wegener

One of our newest members, Carl Wegener, has been so inspired by our club project that he has found an exciting new place to capture photos of our western prairie, the Prairie Restoration Research Center.

Just north of Stillwater, MN is the St. Croix Watershed Research Station, which has large prairie (25+ Acres) restoration project. It has been made available for our club to photograph. This is a great opportunity as this research center is really three prairies in one. The southern section features tall grass over 6’ high, the center section has silver grass, and the northern section has more of a traditional grassland that we have seen in previous shoots. Because it is a research prairie, there are pathways mowed that make it easy to get around and set-up your camera gear. There is also tremendous plant diversity so moving every 50 feet down the pathway will give you a new scene to photograph. For color there are yellow, purple and white flowering plants in prime condition with many different kinds of seed pods to document for an early fall prairie shoot. In a preliminary walk through, there were many different kinds of insects found to photograph. Finally, with 25+ acres there is plenty of space for everyone to spread out to work.

Address: 15111 Hwy 95, Marine on St. Croix, MN

Directions: 8.8 miles north of downtown Stillwater on Hwy 95. Look for a mailbox marked 15111 with a red post on the east side of Hwy 95 and turn into the driveway. Pull off the driveway and park before the second turn at the top of the hill. Note: The research facility has renters and has requested that we park away from the mowed yard area in front of the farm house.  If you passed 152nd Street on Hwy 95 you have gone too far.

Thanks for setting this up for us, Carl!

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