September News Part 1

Craig Blacklock

Photo by Carl Wegener

It was almost a year ago when Anastasia Shartin at the Phipps contacted me to say that Craig Blacklock would be featured in an exhibit this September.  And would I be interested in having him give a presentation to our club?  I was thrilled!  I found he was very friendly, down to earth and easy to work with.  Carl Wegener gave a heart-felt awesome introduction.  I learned that Craig prefers to include a lot of foreground in his landscapes to make it more real to the viewer and gives them a place to step into the image.  He also does a lot of panoramic work as a way of increasing the file sizes that he needs to have to print big.  Many of his images uses focus stacking to include sharp detail from some very close foregrounds all the way to the background.

Many of the prints in the exhibit are in the lobby so get to the next meeting early enough to view them.  Better yet, visit the Phipps before 5:00 pm so that you can see a dozen or more images of his in Gallery One on the main floor, an awesome video and the other Heart of the River Exhibition pieces in the galleries upstairs.   I was blown away by some of his drone images and now believe I need a drone of my own!

St. Croix Valley Photo Day this Saturday

It appears that registration is still open.  It will be a great day sponsored by the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs and hosted by the St. Croix Valley Camera Club.  For more information and to register, click this link.

Exhibit Updates

“Superior Gale” sold by Mike Chrun

When I went to Hudson Hospital to pick up our group exhibit last week, I discovered that a second piece had been sold!  Congratulations go to Mike Chrun for the sale of “Superior Gale”.  Mike has written an amazing article for his other club, the St. Croix Valley Camera Club.  You can read all about it here.  I delivered most of the pieces in that exhibit to Croixdale, the senior living center in Bayport this Monday.  As Anastasia and I were hanging the pieces, we were already receiving a lot of great comments from the residents and staff.  Croixdale is located at 750 MN-95, Bayport, MN 55003, and our pieces will be on exhibit in a main hallway until December 9.

Scavenger Hunt Results

At the September 5 meeting, Richard Hudson announced the winners for each category and handed out prizes.  The winner’s gallery can be seen here.

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