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Western Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below Arch

So far this gallery consists of photos from two prescribed burns by The Prairie Enthusiasts but will include other stewardship activities such as prairie nursery, bird banding, etc.  Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

Burn from across the River - Naomi Belisle

Blueberry Hill burn from across the River – Naomi Belisle

Willow River Park No 3 - Willie GorhamWillow River Park No 1 - Willie GorhamWillow River Park No 2 - Willie GorhamWillow River Park No 4 - Willie GorhamWillow River Park No 5 - Willie GorhamWillow River Park No 6 - Willie Gorham.Getting the Job Done –  Rebecca VandykA Line of Smoke and Fire –  Rebecca VandykFire Starter –  Rebecca VandykFocus – Rebecca VandykStarting the Fire –  Rebecca VandykThe Job Is Finished –  Rebecca VandykThe Lonely Tree –  Rebecca Vandyk.jpgWearing Protective Gear –  Rebecca VandykAt The Ready - Melissa AndersonBehind the Smoke and Flames - Melissa AndersonBringing the Water - Melissa AndersonBrush and Smoke - Melissa AndersonBurn Monitors - Betty BryanBurning On A Larger Scale - Melissa AndersonCapturing The Action - Melissa AndersonConcentration - Melissa AndersonCreating A New Line - Melissa AndersonDoubling Back - Melissa AndersonEvanne - Terry ButlerFire Guard - Betty BryanFire In The Grass - Melissa AndersonFire on the Prairie - Betty Bryan.jpgGetting The Heavy Equipment - Melissa AndersonGinny Gaynor - Terry ButlerGuarding the Fire - Betty BryanHappy Enthusiast - Terry ButlerHaving A Chat - Melissa Anderson.jpgHolding the Line - Terry ButlerHosing Down - Terry ButlerIn The Smoke - Melissa AndersonIncreased Flames - Melissa AndersonIncreasing The Line - Melissa AndersonInstructions - Betty Bryan.jpgKeeping An Eye Out - Melissa AndersonLooking Good - Melissa AndersonLooking Over The River - Melissa AndersonMissy Sparrow of the DNR - Terry ButlerMixing Water and Fire - Melissa AndersonObserving - Melissa Anderson.jpgPhotographing The Preparations - Melissa Anderson.jpgPleased - Melissa AndersonPrairie Fire - Betty BryanPrairie Smoke - Betty BryanPre-burn Huddle - Betty BryanProgress - Terry ButlerReady With Water - Melissa AndersonRelaxing - Betty BryanSmoke In The Trees - Melissa AndersonSmoke On The Prairie - Melissa AndersonSpraying The Telephone Pole - Melissa AndersonSpreading Fire - Melissa AndersonStarting A New Fire - Melissa AndersonStarting the Backburn - Betty BryanTaking A Break - Melissa AndersonThe Beginning - Melissa AndersonThe Burn Begins - Betty BryanThe Prairie Enthusiasts Praire Burn - Betty BryanTime to Rest - Betty BryanTPE Sign - Terry ButlerWaiting - Melissa AndersonWatching - Melissa AndersonWhere There is Smoke... - Terry ButlerWidening The Fire - Melissa Anderson.jpgWorker and Photographer - Melissa AndersonWorking Hard - Melissa AndersonWorking Together - Melissa AndersonFoster Cemetery Burn-1 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-2 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-3 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-4 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-5 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-6 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-7 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-8 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-9 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-10 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-11 - Willie GorhamFoster Cemetery Burn-12 - Willie Gorham