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A word about Invasive Species!

Some plants, especially those on private property, roadsides, public parks, and even some private prairie gardens include invasive species and should be avoided.

A resource for identifying native flowers can be found at the Minnesota Wildflowers web site.

Theses pdf’s can aid in identifying invasive species

Be sure to click on the thumbnails


Purple and Gold Prairies - Sue OberstarEyes Looking at You - Sue OberstarColorful Explosion of Wildflowers - Sue OberstarWildflower Field - Sue OberstarBlack-eyed Susans - Sue OberstarCompass Flower - Marianne DiericksCompass Flowers and Ash Tree - Marianne DiericksStiff Sunflower and Beetle - Marianne DiericksButterfly Weed -  Marianne DiericksSpiderwort -  Marianne DiericksWild White Indigo and Pollinator -  Marianne DiericksGolden Alexanders - Marianne DiericksPrairie Phlox 1- Marianne DiericksPrairie Phlox 2 - Marianne DiericksChokeberry - Marianne DiericksWild Cherry - Marianne DiericksWild Plum  - Marianne DiericksWild Plum Trees - Marianne DiericksPussytoes - Marianne DiericksPussytoes 2 - Marianne DiericksFungi and Algae - Marianne DiericksPoplar Catkins - Marianne DiericksRough Blazing Star - Marianne DiericksA Soft Light on the Asters - Amanda BierbaumAs Good as Gold - Amanda BierbaumAutumn Asters 2 - Amanda BierbaumAutumn Asters  No 2 - Amanda BierbaumAutumn Asters - Amanda BierbaumPrairie Pastels - Carl WegenerWild Bergamot - Marianne DiericksBee Balm and Culvers Root Candiss DelCastilloBlack Eyed Susan - Candiss DelCastilloRough Blazing Star in Bud - Marianne DiericksBlazing Star on the Prairie - Patrick LiebergenCompass Plant Flower - Marianne DiericksCup Plant - Marianne DiericksGray-headed Coneflower - Marianne DiericksGray-headed Coneflower - Terry ButlerCanada Milkvetch - Terry ButlerPurple Prairie Clover - Candiss DelCastilloPurple Prairie Clover - Terry ButlerColumbine - Betty BryanColumbine - Terry ButlerGray-headed Coneflower with Personality - Terry ButlerShall We Dance - Carl WegenerConeflower Fireworks - Carl WegenerIn The Thick Of It - Patrick LiebergenHoary Puccoon - Marianne DiericksHoary Vervain - Terry ButlerHoary Vervain - Candiss DelCastilloCream Wild Indigo - Marianne DiericksIris - Lori MoilanenPrairie Flowers Last Petal - Carl WegenerJoe Pye Weed - Candiss DelCastilloLupine - Betty BryanLupine Variety - Candiss DelCastilloLupine - Linda DonaldsonLupine - Michael WatermanMilkweed Blossom - Terry ButlerMilkweed Pod - Marianne DiericksSwamp Milkweed - Terry ButlerTall Meadow Rue – Marianne DiericksBacklit Swamp Milkweed Flowers - Lori MoilanenMilkweed - Kathy LauererNinebark - Linda DonaldsonMushrooms - Terry ButlerMushrooms on Fallen Tree - Terry ButlerPrairie Smoke - Micael WatermanPrairie Smoke Seed Pod - Micael WatermanPrairie Wetland Grasses - Lori MoilanenDewey Grass - Amanda BierbaumRattlesnake Master - Marianne DiericksWild Strawberry - Marianne DiericksFalse Sunflower - Terry ButlerThistle in Seed - Marianne DiericksTree in Bloom - Bryan LeonardShowy Tick Trefoil - Marianne DiericksBlue vervain flowers - Lori MoilanenYarrow – Marianne DiericksYellow Flower - Amanda Bierbaum


Canadian Thistle - Candiss DelCastilloOx Eye Daisy - Candiss DelCastilloHawkweed - LindaDonaldsonKnapweed - Lori MoilanenEarly Morning Dewy Web - Amanda BierbaumQueen Anne - MJ SpringettQueen Annes Lace - Candiss DelCastillo0