Project Galleries

Image PrioritiesWestern Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below Arch
  • Four season scenic landscape photos of western prairie habitat
  • Dawn, dusk, and night images
  • Grassland bird and flower species
  • Pollinators on native plants
  • Stewardship activities (burning, prairie nursery, bird banding etc.)
  • Citizen science
  • Recreational use
  • Area shots
  • Historical images from local archives
  • Lupine flowers and/or Karner Blue butterflies
  • Milkweed flowers and/or Monarch butterflies
  • Prairie adjacent to farmland to show the patchwork approach to restoration
  • Aerial shots from drone or airplane
  • Composite images to depict the prairie landscape before European settlement
Submitting Images
  • Please see the “Flora” gallery page for information on invasive species before submitting.
  • We have set up a special email address for submitting photos for the project galleries. It is
  • Size your images to be 960 pixels on the longest side.
  • Please give them a title that includes a description and your name.
  • Example:  “Damselfly – Your Name”
  • Please use hypens, not underscores and add spaces between the title words and your name.

The Galleries