Belwin and Bison

Ever since our club project in 2016 we have had a special relationship with Belwin Conservancy.  Poster sized images by our members have been  on display outdoors at the athletic fields. 

The Belwin Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and appreciation of our natural world. The Belwin Conservancy owns nearly 1,400 acres of preserved land in Afton and West Lakeland Township, Minnesota. The property comprises one of the largest privately owned nature preserves in the region.

“Our restoration of the native prairie and woodlands serves as a model for ecological restoration in the St. Croix Valley. The Belwin Conservancy’s prairies are some of the oldest restored prairies in the area. Our reintroduction of bison to our land offers a unique opportunity for visitors to see a living example of prehistoric Minnesota that also serves as a model for modern land use that is economically sustainable. Our efforts have allowed six animal species and three plant species considered rare by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to thrive on Belwin Conservancy land.”