Scavenger Hunt – July 12

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The votes are in!  And this is a gallery of the images that received the most votes for each item on the Scavenger Hunt list.

1.Street Photography-Back Alley Chat - Jill Krenz2.Along the River-Hudson on the St. Croix - Patrick Liebergen3.Architectural-Nineteenth Century Architecture - Patrick Liebergen4.A Resting Place-Take a Seat - Nick Warnken5.Neon-Neon Ride - Cheryl Warnken6.Something to Buy-A Little Bling - Jill Krenz7.In an Alley-Party in the Alley - Dorothy Nordstrand8.Patriotic-Reflection - Kathy Lauerer9.Food or Drink-Wheres the Beef - Nick Warnken10.Anything Goes-Dream On - Carol Menke

The July 2017 meeting consisted of a photo scavenger hunt, followed by an ice cream social.  There were ten items to be found in Hudson and photographed that evening.  The 15 members that submitted photos will vote on their favorites for each scavenger hunt item and prizes will be awarded based on the outcome of the voting.  It’s inspiring to see the quality and variety of photos that were submitted.

01. Street-type Photography1.An Evening Walk - Nick Warnken1.Back Alley Chat - Jill Krentz1.Closing Time - Peter Mutschler1.Cool Kids - Lawrence Suennen1.D'ja Gtmytxt - Richard Hudson1.Drinking at the Moose -  Kathy Lauerer1.Hand in Hand - Sarah Nieminen1.How Was Your Day - Vicki Ledford1.Ice Cream and Smiles Too - Sue Oberstar1.Looking at You - Bryan Leonard1.Passing Time - Betty Bryan1.Second Street - Cheryl Warnken1.Sidewalk Artist - Carol Menke1.Stranger with His Friend - Patrick Liebergen1.Strangers Enjoying Dinner by the Street - Dorothy Nordstrand02. In, on, or along the River2.Day's End - Jill Krentz2.Down by the River - Sarah Nieminen2.Evening Glow - Vicki Ledford2.Flying over the St Croix - Bryan Leonard2.Hudson on the St. Croix - Patrick Liebergen2.Kayaking Along the St. Croix - Sue Oberstar2.Kayaking on the St Croix - Cheryl Warnken2.Lazy Days of Summer - Carol Menke2.Mellow Yellow  - Lawrence Suennen2.Path along the St. Croix - Dorothy Nordstrand2.Ready for a Voyage - Nick Warnken2.Riverbank - Peter Mutschler2.Speechless - Richard Hudson2.Taking Time Out - Betty Bryan2.Work Barge - Kathy Lauerer03. Architectural Detail3.La Mode - Kathy Lauerer3.Back in Time - Carol Menke3.Gathering Place for Artists - Sue Oberstar3.Green Light - Peter Mutschler3.If Only These Walls Could Talk, the Stories They'd Tell - Sarah Nieminen3.It Spoke to Me - Vicki Ledford3.Looking Up - Bryan Leonard3.Micklesen Drug - Betty Bryan3.Nineteenth Century Architecture - Patrick Liebergen3.Peak  - Lawrence Suennen3.The Art Is in the Details - Jill Krentz3.The Phipps Center for the Arts - Dorothy Nordstrand3.The Seven-Fifteen - Cheryl Warnken3.Threesome - Richard Hudson3.Top of the Dragon Pearl - Nick Warnken04. A Resting Place4.Break time - Betty Bryan4.Front Row Seating - Sarah Nieminen4.Girl on a Bench - Kathy Lauerer4.Quick Text for the Weary - Jill Krentz4.Relaxing with Friends - Bryan Leonard4.Rest in a Classic - Sue Oberstar4.Rest Not - Richard Hudson4.Resting by the River - Dorothy Nordstrand4.Resting Place with a View - Patrick Liebergen4.Resting Rack - Lawrence Suennen4.Solitude - Cheryl Warnken4.Take a Load Off - Carol Menke4.Take a Seat - Nick Warnken4.Tired Puppy - Vicki Ledford4.Waiting for the Show - Peter Mutschler05. Neon5.All Lit Up - Patrick Liebergen5.Agave Kitchen - Bryan Leonard5.Agave Kitchen - Dorothy Nordstrand5.Beer- Kathy Lauerer5.Custom - Peter Mutschler5.Neon - Betty Bryan5.Neon in Black and White - Sue Oberstar5.Neon Reflections - Carol Menke5.Neon Ride - Cheryl Warnken5.Night Life - Lawrence Suennen5.Night Lights - Vicki Ledford5.Small Town Main Street - Sarah Nieminen5.Smokin'- Jill Krentz5.Tatoo - Nick Warnken5.Word Play - Richard Hudson6.Something to Buy6.A Little Bling - Jill Krentz6.Boat for Sale - Bryan Leonard6.Buy at Seasons - Dorothy Nordstrand6.Buying Works of Art - Sue Oberstar6.Gold and Pearls for Sale - Patrick Liebergen6.Java Anyone - Vicki Ledford6.Of the Beach, On the Beach - Sarah Nieminen6.Painting - Kathy Lauerer6.Peace for Sale - Cheryl Warnken6.Sail Away - Carol Menke6.Sale - Lawrence Suennen6.Seen Better Days - Nick Warnken6.Sweets - Betty Bryan6.Takeout - Peter Mutschler6.Wish I Were Home - Richard Hudson7. In an Alley7.Alley Art - Patrick Liebergen7.Alley Light - Nick Warnken7.Alley Text - Peter Mutschler7.Blind Horses - Richard Hudson7.Box Alley - Lawrence Suennen7.Discoveries in an Alley - Sarah Nieminen7.Evening Reflections - Jill Krentz7.Fire Escape - Kathy Lauerer7.Fire Escape - Betty Bryan7.Green Door in the Alley - Sue Oberstar7.Looking Out for People - Vicki Ledford7.Only in a Small Town - Carol Menke7.Party in the Alley - Dorothy Nordstrand7.West Alley - Cheryl Warnken7.Yield - Bryan Leonard8. Patriotic8.Flag at Night - Lawrence Suennen8.Flag over the Phipps - Patrick Liebergen8.Flag with Flowers - Jill Krentz8.Flying High - Betty Bryan8.Flying the Flag - Dorothy Nordstrand8.Flying the Flags - Bryan Leonard8.Old Glory - Nick Warnken8.Old Glory - Carol Menke8.Patriotic Bunting - Cheryl Warnken8.Patriotism in a Store Front - Sue Oberstar8.Red White and Boat - Peter Mutschler8.Reflection - Kathy Lauerer8.Stars and Stripes Forever - Vicki Ledford8.The Colors of Our Country - Sarah Nieminen8.Winds of Change - Richard Hudson9. Food or Drink9.An Evening at Agave - Dorothy Nordstrand9.Breaktime - Sarah Nieminen9.Counterintuitive - Jill Krentz9.Flying Fingers - Richard Hudson9.Forgotten - Peter Mutschler9.Happy Hour - Cheryl Warnken9.Ice Cream Social - Sue Oberstar9.Licking Good -Betty Bryan9.Nutrition - Lawrence Suennen9.Pouring Liquid Gold - Patrick Liebergen9.Snacktime - Vicki Ledford9.Tough Decision - Bryan Leonard9.Ummmm - Kathy Lauerer9.Wheres The Beef - Nick Warnken9.Yum, Food and Shopping - Carol Menke10. Anything Goes10.Alley's Historical Wall Art - Sue Oberstar10.Repurposed - Cheryl Warnken10.Bricks - Peter Mutschler10.Hudson Sign - Kathy Lauerer10.Cheerful Flowers along the Street - Dorothy Nordstrand10.Dream On - Carol Menke10.Fading Glory - Richard Hudson10.Friends - Bryan Leonard10.I Caught Him! - Sarah Nieminen10.Reflected Glory - Jill Krentz10.Second Street - Lawrence Suennen10.The Cover Up - Betty Bryan10.Slingshot - Nick Warnken10.This Clock Goes Round and Round - Patrick Liebergen10.Under the Staircase - Vicki Ledford