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Salon Meeting Coming Up!

The April 4 meeting (6:30 pm) will feature a competition salon, judged by Mike Prokosch.  I got to know Mike when I first started representing our club at the Camera Council (TCACCC).  He is one of the most self-less people I know, having helped with Spring Break and the Interclub Competition for many years.  He has also taught a judging class for the TCACCC, and has helped start-up clubs.  He is called upon often to judge and to make photography-related presentations for area clubs, always generous with his time.  Being an avid nature photographer, he has traveled the world.


April 10 is the deadline for entering the six N4C contests and May 16 is the deadline for entering the club’s June competition salon.  The assignment for June is “self-portrait”, something that I am finding to be a challenge!  You can download quick guides for our club salons here and for N4C contests here.

Recycle Your Camera for Kids

Inspired while attending a Ted Talk event at the Stillwater Library nearly two years ago titled Photography for Change, Carl Wegener began the process of putting his thoughts on how he could take his favorite hobby to a higher level. His concept called “RecycleYourCamera.com – For Kids” takes older abandoned digital cameras that most people have because their cell phone have become their primary image capture device and re-purposing them in classes for kids. Especially those kids from dysfunctional backgrounds. Targeted age range for students is 9 to 14 years of age and the concept is simple: Empower kids with photography knowledge and a camera.

Currently in the pilot stage, using cameras collected by word of mouth, Carl has run test classes with Wilder Camp students in Stillwater Minnesota and 4-H students in Western Wisconsin. The end goal is to create a non-profit 501 c3 organization where digital cameras will be actively solicited, collected and redistributed in classes for kids. His vision also sees the development of class coursework and a supporting RecycleYourCamera.com YouTube channel. The envisioned YouTube channel would be free and accessible to the public with the express purpose of continuing online photography education to as many kids as possible.

While the web address “RecycleYourCameara.com” is not activated yet and won’t be until a legal organization can be put behind it, Carl is continuing his pilot development program. Currently looking to run more test classes he seeks any older digital cameras that club members are willing to part with. Since most donated cameras come without flash cards or computer connecting cables those would be welcomed additions too. Older flash cards that are too small to work in today’s devices work well in the older cameras.

If you would like to donate, see Carl at the next meeting.

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