How to enter N4C ContestsI would first like to say thank-you for letting me serve as your

Members of our club in good standing are eligible to compete in the monthly N4C Contests. These are held every month except June, July, August and December. There are six categories of digital contests: Pictorial, Nature, Altered Reality (formerly Creative), Travel, Journalism and Black & White. There are also numerous print contests, but our club will not participate in that at this time.

Notice:  N4C has revised the rules for both Altered Reality and Pictorial digital images beginning with the September, 2019, contests.  The use of brushes and textures made by others is allowed for Altered Reality as is the use of software to create unusual effects.  Photos submitted in the Pictorial category should be in color.  Black and white photos that are pictorial in quality should be submitted in the Black and White category. 

*For our club salons, neither of these rules have been adopted.

Judging clubs are now given the option of scoring images in two different ways. Historic Option:  Each of three judges will score each entry from 1 to 5 points for each category of technique, composition and interest, for the highest combined score of 45.  New Option:  Judges will score each entry with a single score between 2 and 9 points, with the highest possible combined score of 27.  Complete details are on page 3, paragraph 25 of the “2020-2021 N4C Contest Rules”.

Please submit your images, only one for each category per month in jpg format, 1920 pixels on the longest edge and no larger than 750 KB

If you need help in knowing how to resize images, here are some helpful pdf tutorials.

Send entries by the tenth of the month as attachments to an email addressed to  This is a different email than the one for WWPC’s salon entries.

Download the Quick Guide Right-click the quick guide and “Save Image As” to your computer.

Naming Image Files – following the naming convention is vital

Example: 01,WC028,DP,Beautiful Sunset.jpg

­ “01,” including the comma, is to be used on all entries. (It may be changed later and used to sequence the judging.)

“WC028” is the club code plus your clubs member number.  “WC” is the club code for WWPC.  The 028 in the example should be replaced with your WWPC member number.

  • ­Following the club and member identification is the two-letter abbreviation for the contest category
  • ­DP, = the Digital Pictorial contest category
  • DN, = the Digital Nature contest category
  • DT, = the Digital Travel contest category (Please note that the location – state or country – must be included in the title for the Travel Contests)
  • DB, = the Digital Black & White contest category
  • DA, = the Digital Altered Reality contest category
  • DJ, = the Digital Journalism contest category

“Beautiful Sunset” = the entrant’s title for the image.

.jpg = the file extension indicating the format of the file (.jpg) and should not be added to the file name.

Commas are used to populate the electronic record keeping system for tracking and judging, so be sure you use these in your image name.  Other than the title of the image, do not add spaces.

The limit in the number of images we can submit for our club is 8 per category and there is a possibility that not all submitted images will be included in what we send on to N4C for judging.

Please download the 2022-2023 N4C Contest Rules. This contains important information about the categories, including descriptions and category guidelines, about how images are judged and what awards are made.






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