September 2015 N4C Awards

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I would first like to say thank-you for letting me serve as your

Our club members received three first place awards this month, along with a second place, a third place and four honorable mentions!

Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

1st Place Nature - Loons - Michael Waterman1st Place Pictorial - Sharing the Flower - Melissa Anderson1st Place Travel - Chateau Sainte Feyre France - Terry Butler2nd Place Nature - Sharp Tailed Grouse Mating Dance  - Melissa Anderson3rd Place Travel - Rousisillion France - Amanda Bierbaum.jpgHon Mention Black and White - Gerber Daisy - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Creative - Early Learner - Ted JohnstonHonorable Mention Nature - Doe and Fawn - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Travel - Southern Alaska Coastline - Melissa AndersonMerit Black and White - Great St Marys - Amanda BierbaumMerit Black and White - Her Eyes - Michael HuberMerit Black and White - Storm CLouds - Marge SpringettMerit Creative - Clamming Bears - Melissa AndersonMerit Creative - Windswept - Marilyn RauMerit Nature - Canyonlands Rainbow - Amanda BierbaumMerit Nature - Gray Fox - Marge SpringettMerit Journalism - Roller Derby - Amanda BierbaumMerit Pictorial - Hey Thats My Nest - Gary SchaferMerit Pictorial - Reaching Out - Ted Johnston