March 2016 N4C Awards

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I would first like to say thank-you for letting me serve as yourThis month our club judged the Travel Contest so we were not able to compete in that category.

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1st Place Creative - Watching - Michael HuberHonorable Mention Black and White - Simone - Amanda BierbaumHonorable Mention Nature - Red Eyed Tree Frog - Melissa AndersonMerit Black and White - Bald Eagle - Michael WatermanMerit Black and White - Monsoon Ramble - Lori MoilanenMerit Creative - Breathing Fire - Melissa AndersonMerit Journalism - Net Fishing by Hand - Melissa AndersonMerit Journalism - Roberts Truck Pull - Amanda BierbaumMerit Nature - Sparrow in a Pod - Lori MoilanenMerit Pictorial - Ladyslipper Lovely - Marge SpringettMerit Pictorial - Trouble on the Horizon - Lori Moilanen