Willie Gorham

Portfolio Title:  Inside-Out

Statement of Intent:  My photography goal for 2018 had the theme “Inside Out”.  The purpose was to look at scenes and see if I could apply this theme and thus get a different perspective.  Some ideas where a bit strange or silly that either never worked out or failed all together.  The one strange one was placing the camera in the bottom of a trash can and getting a night shot.  It ended up being the most popular of all my pictures.  Most of the pictures were multi-shots (3) because of the dynamic range, then processed them into HDR images.

Image Key: 

  1. Looking out a restaurant window that gave 4 framed images
  2. Image of the Grand Tetons from Jackson Lake Lodge
  3. View familiar to the driver of a combine
  4. Class Graduation from the back of a brick wood fired oven under construction
  5. Overlooking the Stone Arch Bridge from the Guthrie observation room
  6. Composition from the bottom of a trash can of the night sky
  7. The portrait is outside the Sea Change Restaurant in Minneapolis

Hover over the images to see the titles.  Click on the thumbnails to see full size.