March Happenings

Photo by Michael Huber

John Gregor-March 1

March began with a bang, having John Gregor with us again on the first of the month.  I appreciate his simple approach to achieving his vision and his dedication to prints.  I am paraphrasing here, but what stuck with me was his statement about digital vs. prints: “Digital is temporary for places like Facebook, but prints are real.”  A print is an art form in itself.  To me, there is nothing better than holding a print in my hands.

Tabletop Hands-On Workshop-March 18

About five years ago when I got my good new camera and decided to get off automatic I joined WWPC.  I was so excited about my future photography journey, but we were moving into the cold winter months.  What to do?  I put up a card table (remember those?) in a spare bedroom.  The space I had to work with was so small that most of the time when I got down to the subject my feet ended up in the closet!  It was a great learning experience in seeing what my zoom and macro lenses could do.  Back then I wanted to do it all and I still prefer shooting landscape and nature and being outdoors.  But, some of those tabletop shots have won awards in the meantime.  We have a pdf download of a tutorial I prepared a few years ago.  It is on our Learning page.    (There is lots of other good stuff there.)

Here are a few photos, taken with my tabletop setup, which include a few award-winning images, to give you some ideas of what can be done.

My Tabletop Setup at HomeFruit Bowl.jpgGerber Daisy.jpgChinese Lanterns - Reflections on Black GlassGrandmas FavoriteRose ReflectionsCharlie Brown Left OutSpring Glory

If you plan on joining us on Saturday, March 18, 10 am until about noon, we will be in the Commons Gallery at the Phipps.  Take the elevator on the north end of the building to the second floor.  Bring a zoom and macro lens, your tripod, reflectors and diffusers.  I will have a few still life setups, a setup for reflections on black glass and some places for playing if you want to bring a couple of small items.

Print Judging for N4C-March 19

The next day, on Sunday, March 19, beginning at 2 pm, we will be judging prints for N4C.  Since there will be about 45 nature and black and white prints in total, it shouldn’t take much more than an hour.  Feel free to be there to help, or just watch.

Spring Break Update – March 25

I am on the Spring Break committee and we’re getting down to the home stretch.  As far as programs go, they have only one studio spot that they need to fill.  I am getting excited about a couple of the programs.  Al Pike, one of the studio photographers, has arranged for experienced models, many of whom will be in costume.  He has a Facebook group devoted to WWII, Pinup and Vintage Glamour photography, and arranges group outings at locations around the Twin Cities.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  To see more details about the programs, there is a download that includes more information at the Camera Council web site.  Don’t delay in registering; the spots have been filling up fast.

Here’s to hoping I will see you at the Phipps or Spring Break later this month.

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