January Meeting Summary & More

Michael Huber’s PSA Award Winner

Considering the cold weather, we had a great turnout (and better parking spots close to the building).  After Gene Schwope, representing the PSA, gave Michael Huber his first place award for “Basket Ballin’”, Michael went on to demonstrate how he makes his creative compositions in Photoshop.  This included how he started out by filling a layer  50% gray.  Then he masked images using the quick select tool and moving them into the composition.  It also included replacing the sky using a mask with a gradient, and other uses of layer masks and brushes.  I was enthralled by one of the custom brushes that he used to create mood with lighting effects and how he transformed it to suit the composition.  One of the tips he provided was reducing the saturation of some of the layers to help them match the rest of the composition.  Though this session was not recorded, he made a video a while back on the award-winning image.  You can find it on a previous post here.  Scroll to the bottom for the video.

More from Michael

Michael has uploaded another fresh video on the club’s YouTube channel.  Since he’s been doing all the cast photos for the Phipps Children’s Theater productions for the last couple years, he wanted to share the process with us.  Thanks, Michael!  This may come in handy for capturing and processing portraits for the “Humanity” assignment we have later this year

Itten’s Theory of Composition – Contrasts in Photography

Sue Oberstar’s Large-Small Contrast

Sue Oberstar started off our discussion salon with a PowerPoint presentation that showcased a photography goal she started in 2015.  Previously when I thought of contrast, I thought only of the contrast of light values and dark values.  Sue’s presentation has made me think of contrast in a new way:  Liquid/Solid, Dead/Alive, Hard/Soft, Large/Small, Many/One, Fast/Slow, Man-Made/Natural, Stationary/Moving, and Straight/Curved to name a few.

Setting Goals

Speaking of goals, it’s time to start thinking about setting a photography goal.  I’ve always had a list in my head that contains areas of photography I want to explore more deeply (time-lapse, video) or learn some new software techniques (luminosity masking) or concentrate on specific subject matter (barns, flowers, people, sunsets, a list without end).  The problem is that the last couple years, I haven’t made anything a priority or committed real time to it.  The result is that I haven’t reached any of these goals!  Consider making a photography goal for 2017 (I know I will).  Then use the contact form to tell me about it (the commitment) and we will showcase your accomplishments at the end of the year.


Leading Lines Example – Mary Jane Haemig

The deadline for submitting photos for the club’s first competition salon this year is just around the corner, January 11.  I’m pleased to announce that Bryan Leonard is our new salon coordinator, giving Michael Waterman a well-deserved break.  The assignment is “Leading Lines” and those who submit assignment images are entitled to submit two extra digital images.

I am also very pleased that Marianne Diericks has agreed to handle our submissions for the monthly N4C contests.  The deadline for submitting to those is the 10th of every month.   There are six different contests each month including Black & White, Creative, Journalism, Nature, Pictorial and Travel images.

All of the competition rules can be found here.





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