Drone Photography by Michael Huber

Drone Photography by Michael Huber

On May 3, 6:30 pm, Michael Huber will give a presentation on drone basics for those interested in seeing what is involved with this fun hobby.  Huber is an award winning local photographer who is also an amateur drone pilot.  He is past president of the Western Wisconsin Photography Club, and is a resident of Hudson, Wisconsin.   This meeting will be in-person only.

At the meeting Michael will include an introduction to a drone, using his current DJI Mini 3 Pro as the example.  He will also discuss safety, resources and other things You should know.  He will also discuss photo and video setting and modes.  Included will be flying basics and image examples.

Michael purchased his first drone in 2013 right when DJI released their initial Phantom quadcopter.  By setting a GoPro camera to time-lapse mode and attaching it to the drone he was able to capture unique perspectives of the landscape.  He was hooked! Six drones later he continues to enjoy photographing and taking video from above.  Michael is an FAA Certified UAV pilot.

I enjoy a lot of his posts on Facebook because he is so creative with his drone creations.  Here is another creative us of his drone…

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