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Club Project Update

Nearly two years ago, at the suggestion of Lori Moilanen, our club took on this project.  With her guidance and the help of the Wisconsin DNR and The Prairie Enthusiasts many of our members captured images in group outings and on their own.  As images came in for our galleries, I was blown away by the diversity of flora and fauna that was photographed and by the quality of images.  Since then poster-sized images were installed on the buildings at Belwin Conservancy, and a collection of 23 canvas prints have been exhibited at the Phipps and at Westfields Hospital in New Richmond.  Shortly they will be on exhibit at Croixdale, a senior living facility in Bayport.  A new exhibit has recently been installed at Belwin Conservancy, replacing the ones from 2017.   We lost our project manager last year when Lori retired and moved to the state of Washington.

The project has been an overwhelming success, having met and surpassed its goals.  I am thankful for all the members who contributed their time and talents.  I am especially thankful for the help of Betty Bryan who worked with me last fall to make selections for the canvas prints that have been on exhibit.   Marianne Diericks is also deserving of special thanks, as well as Ginny Gaynor.  The knowledge shared and time given by these three ladies has been invaluable.

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Brian Hansel and Parnell Prairie in Somerset

Bryan HanselAt our June 1 meeting (6:30 pm) Bryan Hansel will present “The Elements of Composition:  Simplicity, Flow and Relationships”. Bryan’s program description: “Did you know that the rule of thirds was contrived and created by a statistician with no art background who was trying to determine where best to put a subject in a painting? Or that there are many valid reasons for placing the horizon in the center of a photo of a photo? These and many other rules of composition take away from the way that our imaginations and creativity actually work. During this presentation, you’ll learn a more organic approach to composition — one that works the way that we do in the field. While organic, the method accounts for how photos are viewed as art and focuses on how best to exploit how your photo’s viewer sees.”

I am looking forward to hearing about this approach to composition.

Bryan is an award-winning professional landscape, portrait, commercial photographer and outdoor educator. He was named as one of the top 100 landscape photographers to follow by 121Clicks. He has over 25 years of photography experience with publication credits ranging from National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer to Lake Superior Magazine and National Park Traveler. He started his popular photography workshop program in 2006. His programs take students to the best and often unknown locations in the northland and across the nation to many National Parks. He lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota and his work can be seen at his web site, Bryan

Club Project News-Parnell Prairie

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Club Project Update from Lori Moilanen

Western Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below ArchAs you may know, our club is doing something new this year – a club project called “Capture the Western Wisconsin Prairie”.  The overview of the project and its goals is here.  There are links for background information, DNR resources, and project photo galleries.  The photo galleries page includes instructions for uploading images, and an updated list of image priorities, as well as quite a few photos.   Also, please note that we will add a new gallery for creative images once we receive some.  Now you can feel free to pan, blur, composite, or creatively post-process to capture the spirit of the prairie landscape and its inhabitants.


Project Meetups

Monarch Butterfly on Clover - Marianne Diericks

photo by Marianne Diericks

We had our first project meetup a couple of weekends ago. Seven members met to scout nine locations in the New Richmond and Star Prairie area. Things are now starting to pick up on the Western Wisconsin prairie sites.  Resident birds are nesting and hatching young, bumblebees and butterflies are on the wing, migratory birds are returning, and native plants are starting to flower. I’m working with other WWPC members and DNR contact Missy Sparrow to plan additional project meet-ups.  Our goal is to have a couple of organized shooting opportunities each month, from May – September.  The list includes shoots at at least one private site, the Carpenter Nature Center Wisconsin Campus, Prairie Days at Willow River State Park, the DNR prairie nursery, Maplewood Nature Center, and the native butterfly house at Beaver Creek Reserve near Eau Claire.  If you have other location suggestions, please feel free to pass them along.

Save the Date for the Next Meetup!

photo by Melissa Anderson

photo by Melissa Anderson

The next scheduled meet-up is planned for Saturday morning May 21 in the Hudson area – SAVE THE DATE.  We’re hoping for some native lupines in bloom, but the lupine forecast is a still a little hazy at the moment.

Sign Up for Meetup Notifications

To be kept informed on planned project meetups please sign up at a meeting, or use the contact form here, on this website.  Though we expect to create Facebook events and make blog posts, this will be the best way of informing interested members of last minute updates or cancellations.


A Few Cautions about Images

A couple of people have asked if images can only be taken on DNR and USFWS restoration sites.  While images shot on restoration sites are preferable, images from other locations are welcome as long as they are representative of native Western Wisconsin prairie.  One word of warning for flower photographers – please note that some of the most common and showy flowers along roadsides and other locations are invasive species – these should be avoided in project images.  DNR has published free guides that show common invasive species, available at  And at

Shooting on DNR and USFWS restoration sites will help minimize the chance of including invasive species in your images.

Three Lakes Area - Troy Schmidt-1

Photo by Troy Schmidt

‘Bye for now!  – Lori


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Club Project News and Coming Up

Short Notice – Club Project Scouting Meet-up – Saturday April 23

Western Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below ArchPlan to meet and depart from Not Just a Cafe at 850 N Knowles Ave, New Richmond, WI 54017 at 8:00 AM. Early risers who’d like to meet for breakfast or coffee beforehand can come at 7:00 AM.  Please note that this is a different location than mentioned in the WWPC Facebook discussion last week.

The purpose of this meet-up is to scout several state and federal prairie restoration sites in a six-mile corridor northeast of New Richmond, in preparation for the “Capture the Western Prairie” club project. This will be a good opportunity to brainstorm shooting strategies for capturing the subtle beauty of this landscape and telling the story of its restoration.

Prairie Wetland Afternoon - Lori Moilanen

Prairie Wetland Afternoon – Lori Moilanen











We’ll visit the Oak Ridge, Bierbrauer, Amschler, Hanten ,and Star Prairie waterfowl production areas, the Oak Ridge DNR site, and the DNR prairie nursery. These sites have examples of several prairie habitats, including grassland, wetland, oak savannah, and woodland.  If there’s time and interest, we can also stop at Saratoga Springs Park in Star Prairie   I will provide a map and basic driving directions on Saturday morning.  Carpooling is encouraged form the meeting point. I expect to be back at the NJC starting point in New Richmond by about 11:00 AM at the latest.

At this early point in the season, there’s not much new growth.  I see this a more of a scouting trip than a serious shooting morning, so it will be a rain or shine event. Ticks are active now, so I recommend being prepared in case we want to walk a short distance on some of the mowed paths.

If you plan on taking part, please use our contact form to sign up and I’ll send you Lori’s cell and any updates.

Coming Up

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Upcoming Meeting and News

February 17  Meeting Summary

SelfieIt was such a pleasure to have John Gregor with us!  I enjoyed hearing how he likes to keep things simple and how he stays with what works for him.  I picked up a few things and I am hoping this has generated more interest on the part of our members to print more often and enter prints in our competitions.  To do that, just bring one or two prints to our competition meetings fifteen minutes before the meeting starts.  The printer that John Gregor recommended for those who do not do their own printing is Paint Addict. They will be one of the vendors at Spring Break this year on March 12 and 13. Speaking of Spring Break, if you are planning on taking part, register by March 1, their deadline for ordering the food for Saturday. See the Camera Council website for more information with details on the speakers, and this is the link to register. It will be a great weekend of learning, shopping and visiting with photography friends. Mike and Sue Fries, fellow members and owners of CloseUp Images, will also be there as one of the vendors.

Upcoming Meeting, March 2, 6:30 pm

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February Meeting Summary and News

Meeting Summary

Western Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below Arch

The appearance of Missy Sparrow started off the February 3rd meeting. Missy is a biologist with the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources and is our contact for the club’s project to “Capture the Western Prairie.” Missy’s slide show and her enthusiasm is contagious and I can hardly wait to be involved. Lori and I have added more information on the project, so check out the 2016 Club Project page.

Just for Fun!

As the break ended, Michael Huber got us all lined up for a 360-degree group shot, using the Ricoh Theta S. How fun is that? Thanks, Michael! We can always count on you to show us the cutting edge in the photography world!  (Michael is the one with rabbit ears.)

PhotoClub 16-0203 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


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