2017 Year End

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2017 Image of the Year

“Landing Gear Down” a color print by Melissa Anderson

 President’s Choice Award

“After the Storm” by Troy Schmidt

I chose this photo because it took me back to some of the best times I’ve had in the club, going out with a group to explore places I’ve never gone before or would not go to on my own.  This is one of Troy’s “secret places” that he shared with us this year.  Stunning!

 People’s Choice Award

“Hummingbird Flight” by Betty Bryan

This award is important since it is the choice of our members, who are peers, not judges.

These are the other top images from 2017

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1st Place Color Print - Landing Gear Down - Melissa Anderson1st Place Creatve - Flowers and Hummingbirds - Melissa Anderson1st Place Mono Print - Fog Walk - Hubert Steve Cole1st Place Nature - Fiery Throated Hummingbird - Melissa Anderson1st Place Realistic - Come with Me -Willie Gorham2nd Place Color Print - So Many Stars - Terry Butler2nd Place Creative - Beach Dance - Kathy Lauerer2nd Place Nature - Wolf Puppy Stalking - Larry Weinman2nd Place Realistic - Net Fishing -Melissa Anderson3rd Place Color Print - I'm Gettin' Outta Here - Terry Butler3rd Place Creative - Winters Beauty - Melissa Anderson3rd Place Nature - A Little Snack - Marianne Diericks3rd Place Realistic - Three's a Crowd - Gloria SellHonorable Mention Color Print - Beauty In The Night - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Color Print - Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Color Print - Tulip Bouquet No. 8 -  -Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Color Print - Yucca Spray - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Creative - Boulder Field - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Creative - Capitol Stairs - Paul SantoHonorable Mention Creative - Heavenly Owls - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Nature - Badlands Before the Storm - Ken WolterHonorable Mention Nature - Courtship Colors, Sharp-tailed Grouse - Marianne DiericksHonorable Mention Nature - Dragonfly on Dewy Morning - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Nature - Eye of Snapper - Carl WegenerHonorable Mention Nature - Feeding Time - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Nature - Heron with Catfish - Kathy LauererHonorable Mention Nature - I Can Jump Higher Than You Can - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Nature - Linx - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Nature - Meadow Blazing Star - Ginny GaynorHonorable Mention Nature - Morning Light - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Nature - Osprey - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Nature - Skipper - Marge SpringettHonorable Mention Nature - Slim Pickins - Cheryl WarnkenHonorable Mention Nature - Snowy Egret With Reflection - Larry WeinmanHonorable Mention Nature - Wide Eyed Fawn - Jeff NelsonHonorable Mention Nature - Zebra Watcher - Paul SantoHonorable Mention Realistic - Backlit Blue Walls of Disney Concert Hall – Ken WolterHonorable Mention Realistic - Blooming Butterfly - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Dust Never Sleeps - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Family Swim - Marianne DiericksHonorable Mention Realistic - Fancy Lady -Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Photo Finish - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Pillsburys Best - Troy SchmidtHonorable Mention Realistic - The Bass Player - Larry WeinmanHonorable Mention Realistic - A Dark and Stormy Night - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - A Lone Vespa - Nick WarnkenHonorable Mention Realistic - A Red Bull Wipe Out - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Realistic - After the  Storm - Troy SchmidtHonorable Mention Realistic - Autocar - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Realistic - Blue Clipper - Bryan LeonardHonorable Mention Realistic - Cannon Blast - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Canoe on Cascade Lake - Terry Butler.jpgHonorable Mention Realistic - Concert Lights - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Cycling Racer - Michael WatermanHonorable Mention Realistic - Dam - Kathy LauererHonorable Mention Realistic - Dawn over Dead Horse Point - Richard HudsonHonorable Mention Realistic - Fireworks from Bridge No 9 - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Good Morning - Amanda BierbaumHonorable Mention Realistic - Hay Bails in the Countryside – Ken WolterHonorable Mention Realistic - Holocaust Memorial - Kathy LauererHonorable Mention Realistic - Horn Blower - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Hosta in Shadow - Jill KrenzHonorable Mention Realistic - Howdy Sailor - Renata JohnsonHonorable Mention Realistic - Hummingbird Flight - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Realistic - Jefferson Memorial - Michael WatermanHonorable Mention Realistic - Landon - Rikki Van DykHonorable Mention Realistic - Milky Way And Pines - Marianne DiericksHonorable Mention Realistic - Mt. Fitzroy - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Realistic - My Orchid - Larry WeinmanHonorable Mention Realistic - Pigtails - Amanda BierbaumHonorable Mention Realistic - The Ride - Troy SchmidtHonorable Mention Realistic - The Yellow One - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Three Chocolates - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Realistic - Three Stones - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Realistic - Trumpet Lily - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Twinkles on the River - Candiss DelCastilloHonorable Mention Realistic - Water Lily - Betty Bryan