2016 Year End

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2016 Image of the Year

“Crossroads Reflections” by Gary Schafer


President’s Choice Award

“Family Fishing”, a mono print by Steve Cole

I chose this photo because it was submitted as a print and prints are dear to my heart.  I also felt it was under-appreciated by our judges this year.  Most of all, I loved the daring shallow depth of field, which allows the viewer to add his own story.


People’s Choice Award

“Golden Mountain Tops” by Melissa Anderson

This award is important since it is the choice of our members, who are peers, not judges.

Moraine Lake; Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

These are the other top images from 2016

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1st Place Color Print - Symmetry - Michael Herrem1st Place Creative - Icy River - Troy Schmidt1st Place Mono Print - Silver Glory - Terry Butler1st Place Nature - Crossroads Reflections - Gary Schafer1st Place Realistic - Under There - Bryan Leonard.jpg2nd Place Color Print- Canyonlands - Amanda Bierbaum2nd Place Creative - Cathedral Jump - Michael Huber2nd Place Mono Print - The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Helena - Amanda Bierbaum2nd Place Nature - Fall Colors from the Cliff - Pavel Blagev2nd Place Realistic - Sedona Clouds - Fred Sobottka3rd Place Color Print - Green Door - Terry Butler3rd Place Creative - Caught - Michael Huber3rd Place Nature - Wood Duck - Larry Weinman3rd Place Realistic - Foggy Sunrise Reflections - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Color Print - Car Show - Tom OakesHonorable Mention Color Print - Crane Count - Steve ColeHonorable Mention Color Print - Gondola Evening - Tom OakesHonorable Mention Creative -  Beads So Bold - Linda DonaldsonHonorable Mention Creative - cactus No1 - Ken KrautbauerHonorable Mention Creative - Colors of Rust - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Creative - Filament - Jeff NelsonHonorable Mention Creative - Floating Leaf - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Creative - Girl and Bear - Michael HuberHonorable Mention Creative - House of the Lord - Troy Schmidt.jpgHonorable Mention Creative - St. Paul Sunset - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Creative - Stadium - Troy SchmidtHonorable Mention Nature - Big Blue - Marge SpringettHonorable Mention Nature - Columbia Ice Fields - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Nature - Early Morning Liftoff - Marge SpringettHonorable Mention Nature - Grand Canyon Vista - Michael WatermanHonorable Mention Nature - Kinni Falls - Michael HerremHonorable Mention Nature - Sharp-tail Territorial Squabble - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Nature - Sparrow Falls - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Nature - Sunset Crex Meadows - Bill Heiting.jpgHonorable Mention Nature - Sunset Pancakes - Pavel BlagevHonorable Mention Nature - Two Poppies - Cheryl WarnkenHonorable Mention Nature - Young Owl - Sue Fries.jpgHonorable Mention Realistic -  Bucolic - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Realistic -  Fishermen - Kathy LauererHonorable Mention Realistic -  Havana at Night - Willie GorhamHonorable Mention Realistic -  Prairie Burn Silhouette - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Realistic - A Taste For Thistle - Marianne Diericks.jpgHonorable Mention Realistic - Biker Chrome - Carl WegenerHonorable Mention Realistic - Blue Cypress Sunrise - Gary SchaferHonorable Mention Realistic - Bosque del Apache Sunrise - Melissa AndersonHonorable Mention Realistic - Cliffs Of Mohr - Michael Herrem.jpgHonorable Mention Realistic - Commander - Jamison SwordHonorable Mention Realistic - Como Park Pavilion - Mary JohnsonHonorable Mention Realistic - Culture Clash - Carl WegenerHonorable Mention Realistic - Eye Only - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Realistic - Fire in the Sky - Troy SchmidtHonorable Mention Realistic - Fly By - Troy SchmidtHonorable Mention Realistic - La Crosse Lights - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Lambeau Lightning - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Light of Our Lives - Sue OberstarHonorable Mention Realistic - Milky Way over the Red Cedar River - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Namastay -  Michael HerremHonorable Mention Realistic - Phoenix Sunset - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Roping Cowboy - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Squirrel - Amanda BierbaumHonorable Mention Realistic - Sun Flower - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Realistic - Sunset Hues - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Realistic - Sunset Reflections - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Realistic - Wheee - Jamison Sword.jpgHonorable Mention Realistic - Wild Horse Greeting - MJ SpringettHonorable Mention Realistic - Zebra Longwing on Cone Flower - Nick Warnken