2014 Year End

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2014 Image of the Year

Rainbow over 110th Ave - Lori Moilanen

“Rainbow over 110th” by Lori Moilanen

These are the other top images for 2014

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1st Place Creative - Hair Flip - Michael Huber2nd Place Creative - Experiment Graphic - Art Juchno3rd Place Creative - Glass Blower - Michael Waterman1st Place Humanity - Future Bull Rider - Wendy Dixon2nd Place Humanity- Leaving the Wedding - Ted Johnston3rd Place Humanity - Fun Sleddin - Michael Herrem1st Place Nature- Doe and Fawn - Fred Sobottka2nd Place Nature - I See You - Melissa Anderson3rd Place Nature - Tucked - Lori Moilanen1st Place Realistic - Sea Cave Majesty - Melissa Anderson2nd Place Realistic - Life Saver - Michael Waterman3rd Place Realistic - Milky Way Tetons - Terry Butler1st Place Travel - Assisi - Kathy Lauerer2nd Place Travel - Green River - Amanda Bierbaum3rd Place Travel - Canyonlands -  Amanda Bierbaum1st Place Print - Purple and Gold - Michael Herrem3rd Place Print - Robert Street Bridge - Terry Butler