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DIY Light Wand

I wanted to try and make a ‘light saber like’ wand to do some light painting. Got everything from Menards and went to work! Really easy to put together and I will have fun trying it in different settings. This video shows how it was built and a few examples.

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My Compositing

Terry asked if I could explain a bit about the composite images I have recently been doing. I was inspired by the work of photographer Joel Grimes and love the illustrative, contrasty and exaggerated look of his composites. Capturing the images is surprisingly simple – the post-processing however can be a bit complicated. I don’t go into great depth here as it would be a very long video! This whole video was filmed with the GoPro Hero 3+. Watch in HD and full screen!

I like trying different things… but am mastering none! Having said that, I am having fun and I encourage everyone to get out of your comfort zone and explore this art called photography!

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When a Lake Freezes Over


I grew up on a small lake and I remember one winter, the lake froze solid over night. For the next week, before the snow came, we could ice skate the entire lake and see the fish and weeds below us. It was magical!

That memory came back to me when I ran across some fabulous images and decided to dig a little deeper into where they were taken.

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“See Ya Next Year!”

Huber-2014I want to begin by thanking everyone who helped and participated in our Club’s events this past year! It was truly an honor being the president the past 3 years and I know Terry will do a great job and have fun stuff planned for 2015. Selfishly, I think I benefited the most from my role as I was able to meet and represent some great members. I learned a lot about photography and will continue to learn by participating in this Club. The one thing I hope that also continues (and I know it will) is to maintain a culture of inclusion and helpfulness. Thanks again! Continue reading »

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Party Reminder!

One last reminder that our Year End Holiday Party is coming up next Thursday December 11th! Jackie and I are excited to host and need to get a count of those that can attend. We have received RSVP’s from about half of the members so if you haven’t done so… Please pop me an email this weekend so we know how much ‘drink’ we need to get. Thanks and I hope to see you there!

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Photography Gift Guide!

braceletI have to start out with my annual favorite. I have and wear one. every time I notice it on my wrist, it reminds me to get out and shoot! Lens Bracelet Continue reading »

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November Meeting Summary

MGH_20141105_0001We had our last meeting of 2014! We began the meeting by electing the officers for 2015. They are (drum roll):
President – Terry Butler
Salon Coordinator – Mike Waterman
Treasurer – Kathy Lauerer

As you know, these are very active members and I appreciate them continuing to help keep our Club moving forward this next year! Thanks guys! Continue reading »

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Last Meeting of 2014!

Yep… that’s right! Wednesday, November 5th, 6:30 pm will be our last meeting of the year. We will have a year-end party in December so stay tuned!

The November meeting will include the election of 2015 Club Officers and sign up sheets for those interested in helping out in various aspects of the Club. Again, strong participation makes for a strong Club! Continue reading »

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Mid-Month Update!

Marnie-TourWe had a great tour at Marnie Marie Photography here in Hudson. Marnie gave us a tour of her retail area, studio and presentation area. She filled us in on her experiences as a business owner and a portrait photographer. It is tough to balance those two! I loved her passion for building relationships with people and really trying to capture and give clients a legacy piece of art. She put together a recap and other information to share with our group. Below is a link to that pdf. Thanks Marnie (and for the refreshments too)! Continue reading »

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October Meeting Summary

Erin-JWe had a great guest speaker in photographer Erin Johnson. Erin specializes in wedding photography but her tips and thoughts were helpful in all types of photography. She spoke candidly about the business side and answered many questions from our members. Very informative and inspiring – even with very loud dancing taking place in the room above! Continue reading »

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