TCACCC Interclub Rules

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The annual TCACCC Interclub Competition is open to members of the Camera Council clubs. There are two parts to the competition. Part 1 is for individual members and there are five categories: Monochrome Print, Color Print, Nature Digital, Realistic Digital and Contemporary Digital. Part 2 is a club competition where clubs select 20 representative digital images taken by their members and the entire portfolio is scored.

The Interclub Competition has concluded for 2017 and the 2018 competition rules will be added in January.  The 2017 Rules are posted here for information only.  There will likely be a few changes in 2018.

Clicking on these links will download the 2017 rules and forms:

Revised 2017  Interclub Rules-2

2017 Interclub Individual Entry Form (an entry form must be completed for each category entered)

2017 Print Labels

2017 Interclub Drop Sites  –  All entries for a club should be collected and dropped off at one time.

For a downloadable pdf on how to resize images click here.

To see how our club members have done in previous years click here.