Some (Crazy) Photography Gift Ideas



I bought one of these and love it. The Lens Bracelet – Many brands/lens options!




Cool way to display your images. Check out iAcrylic or on aluminum with SizzlPix.





Need a kitchen timer? How about a zoom lens?





I eat in my car all the time, sad to say… So I could really use this lens car vacuum -couldn’t you?





For the person who has too many lenses (Jeff) AND wants them handy. The Quikdraw Lens Holster.





While I am eating in my car, a hot cup of coffee would be nice with this heated lens.





Maybe a cold beverage would be better with THIS lens…





Like games? How about Photo-opoly using your images!





And everybody would love these Photography T-shirts.





For the Canon shooters, there are some great lens rebates good through December 1st.

And HERE is a link to a special deal of 50% off Photoshop Elements 11! Feel free to add your own gift suggestions for the group by leaving a comment!

And lastly, please vote on an image in the previous blog post for the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

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  1. Jeff November 26, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    You can NEVER have too many lenses.

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