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Western Prairie Final Graphic Image with Black Background and Lighter Text Below Arch

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Winter Ant on White Bottle Gentian - Lori MoilanenMale Leafcutter Bee - Lori MoilanenConeflower Bee-ing - Carl WegenerPrairie Bee - Carl WegenerBumblebee on New England Aster - Lori MoilanenThe Bee-Hind - Carl WegenerGathering Pollen - Marianne DiericksEastern Tailed Blue Butterfly - Marianne DiericksEastern Tailed Blue on Blazing Star - MJ SpringettPearl Crescent Butterfly on White Clover Blossom - Marianne DiericksGreen Sweat Bee - Lori MoilanenDragonfly - Marianne DiericksHover Fly - Lori MoilanenHover Fly on Native Aster - Lori MoilanenKatydid on Milkweed - Lori MoilanenDewy Wings - Amanda BierbaumMade of Glass - Amanda BierbaumDrying Out - Amanda BierbaumThis Broken Wing - Amanda BierbaumWaking - Amanda BierbaumLocust Borer - Lori MoilanenWasp Mimicing Fly - Lori MoilanenWhite-Faced Meadowhawk - Lori MoilanenCommon Buckeye Butterfly - Marianne DiericksPraire Monarch - Carl WegenerFlying Bumble Bee with pollen sac - Betty BryanHairy Penstemon and Friend – Marianne Diericks Prairie Ringlet - Marianne DiericksBluet with Prey - Lori MoilanenTwelve-spotted Skimmer - Marianne DiericksBristling - Lori MoilanenBumble Bee on Lupine - Betty BryanCaterpillar - Art JuchnoDaisy hopper - Lori MoilanenDamsel Fly 2 - Kathy LauererDamsel Fly3 - Kathy LauererHenrys Marsh Moth Caterpillar - Lori MoilanenMarsh moth caterpillar portrait - Lori MoilanenMonarch Butterfly - Betty BryanMonarch - Linda DonaldsonMonarch Butterfly on Clover - Marianne DiericksMonarch on Rough Blazing Star 2 - Marianne DiericksMonarch Caterpiller - Betty BryanMonarch Pupa - Betty BryanPainted Lady - Lori MoilanenRed Admiral - Art JuchnoRed Admiral Detail II - Lori MoilanenRed Admiral Butterfly 2 - Kathy LauererSkipper - MJ SpringettWhite-lined Sphinx Moth - MJ SpringettSwallowtail Butterfly - Betty BryanBlack Swallowtail - Marianne DiericksBlack Swallowtail Butterfly Dusted with Pollen - Marianne DiericksClouded Sulphur - MJ SpringettPink-edged Sulphur - MJ SpringettSyrphid Fly on Native Aster - Lori MoilanenFemale Easter Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Cup Plant-1 - Marianne DiericksFemale Easter Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Cup Plant-2 - Marianne DiericksPrairie Bug in the Web - Patrick LiebergenEarly Morning Web - Amanda BierbaumWood Nymph Nectaring - MJ SpringettVirginia Ctenucha Moth on Flodman's Thistle - Marianne DiericksDouble-banded Scoliid Wasp - Marianne Diericks