February 2018 N4C Awards

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We had a couple of new members enter the contests this month!  We received a 1st Place, a 2nd Place a 3rd Place , four Honorable Mentions and six Merit Awards.

1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Honorable Mentions go on to compete in the annual competition.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

1st Place Travel - Split Rock Lighthouse - Mike Chrun2nd Place Black and White - Lemur Mom and Baby - Marianne Diericks3rd Place Pictorial - Hanging On - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Black and White - White Tulips - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Black and White - Winter Lighthouse - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Nature - White Pine Sunset - Terry ButlerHonorable Mention Pictorial - Gorilla - Pat ChiconisMerit Altered Reality - Swan Dance - Marianne DiericksMerit Journalism - Rider Down - Fred SobottkaMerit Nature - Osprey - Betty BryanMerit Nature - Wet Rocks - Pavel BlagevMerit Pictorial - St. Paul Riverfront - Marianne DiericksMerit Travel - Texas Beach Walk - Pat Chiconis