April 2018 N4C Awards

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This month we owned the Altered Reality contest, earning a 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place.  In total we were awarded one 1st Place, two 2nd Places, three 3rd Places, four Honorable Mentions and seven Merit Awards.  Hurray for our club!

1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Honorable Mentions go on to compete in the annual competition.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

1st Place Altered Reality - Jack - Terry Butler2nd Place Altered Reality - Flexible - Michael Huber2nd Place Pictorial - Car Trails and Fireworks - Terry Butler3rd Place Altered Reality - Swan on Frigid Morning - Marianne Diericks3rd Place Black and White - Egret on Nest - Marianne Diericks3rd Place Nature - Egret with Nest Material - Marianne DiericksHonorable Mention Black and White - Spring at the Park - Pat ChiconisHonorable Mention Journalism - Rider Down - Fred SobottkaHonorable Mention Nature - Sharptail Display - Betty BryanHonorable Mention Travel - Foggy Palouse Morning - Terry ButlerMerit Nature - Oregon Forest Fire Smoky Sunset - Paul SantoMerit Pictorial - California Salinas Valley Lettuce Field - Ken WolterMerit Pictorial - Family Portrait - Mary JohnsonMerit Pictorial - Hands - Betty BryanMerit Pictorial - Tombolo Island - Betty BryanMerit Pictorial - Winters Past - Carl WegenerMerit Travel - Fishing in Blue Hawaii - Janis Bock