Member Spotlight & Textures

Grace JToday we spotlight one of our youngest Club Members, 15 year old Grace Johnston.

Main camera/gear: Sony Cyber-shot

Favorite Editing Software: Lightroom 4 and GIMP 2

What is your specific background or interest in photography?: I’m an artist want-to-be. I LOVE old artwork, especially oil paintings. When my Dad got back into photography, I tagged along being interested in it, and seeing a way to get Daddy time. Now I’m his test model/guinea pig. Using what I’ve learned in art class, I got hooked on photography, because I could finally make some of the pictures I saw in my head.

Favorite subject matter to photograph: If I had to chose one, it probably would be shooting animals (shooting as in photographing, just to clarify). I’ve always been interested in animals (both exotic and not-so-exotic), and the legends surrounding them.

In what areas do you want to learn more about or improve your photography?: I’m still a beginner so I have a lot to learn. However, wildlife and landscapes are probably where I would like to improve.

I enjoy being a member of WWPC because: I like WWPC because I feel relaxed, and it is not focused on only one subject area. Besides, the snacks are AWESOME!!!!!!

Glad you are a member Grace! Thanks for being in the spotlight.

For those who missed out last meeting, we had a Judged Salon with some great feedback from photographer John Pennoyer. HERE is a link to the submitted images.

Nicole S. Young (Nicolesy) is one of the photographers I follow on social media. Below is a quick Photoshop tip on adding textures using smart objects. Simple!

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  1. Terry Butler May 14, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    I love to hear about our members and Grace is one great kid and will become a great photographer, too.

  2. Jeanne Hamlin May 15, 2014 at 10:31 am #

    Thanks Michael for the podcast on texturing. Guess I had never thought of doing that, but I can see how it can really change up a photo! FYI … if you go to it takes you the the software creator’s website – Bryon Lippincott. You can find a variety of textures under his Store tab, and they appear to be free! I couldn’t seem to find a package like Nicole was talking about. Too good to be true?

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