TCACCC Interclub Rules

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The annual TCACCC Interclub Competition is open to members of the Camera Council clubs. There are two parts to the competition. Part 1 is for individual members and there are five categories: Monochrome Print, Color Print, Nature Digital, Realistic Digital and Contemporary Digital. Part 2 is a club competition where clubs select 20 representative digital images taken by their members and the entire portfolio is scored.

  • Of particular note is that the entry deadline is early this year, 5:00 pm January 30, 2016. 
  • Also, submission by email is preferred.
  • In order to include the entry form with the emailed images, you will need to download the form and complete it.  Then, either scan it or photograph the completed form and include it with your submission.

Clicking on these links will download the rules and forms:

2016 Interclub Rules    2016 Entry Form    2016 Print Labels    2016 Drop Sites

To download a zipped JPG version of the Entry Form, click here.  You can use this and add text in Photoshop, Elements or other image-editing software and then submit it with your entries.

Terry will be at the Phipps on Saturday, January 30 from 4:00 to 4:15 and will collect your entries and deliver them to the drop off site in Woodbury.

To see how our club members did in the 2015 competition the gallery is here.