Club Salon Rules

Salons are open only to members of the WWPC camera club who are current in their dues. In 2015 there will be four Competition Salons, one each in the months of February, May, August and November. During the months of January, April, July and October there will be Discussion Salons.

Photographers who submit images to WWPC for competition or discussion authorize WWPC to display them on its website for purposes of promoting the club and the work of its members.

During the course of the year the WWPC may identify special topics or assignments for salons. Each image falling into the special topic salon category for competition salon will receive an additional point added to the score.

Discussion Salons

Members are encouraged to submit two (2) images, either digital or prints, for discussion only. These images will not be scored but will be the basis of an open discussion, which may include a new technique in capture or processing, or for general discussion and feedback. Images from members who are not present at the meeting will not be discussed.

Competition Salons

Competition Salons will be held during the months of February, May, August and November.

Members may submit a maximum of three (3) images, either digital or prints, or a combination of digital and prints.

Members entering the Competition Salons are encouraged to be present at the salon meetings so that they can get feedback from the judge.

Unless otherwise modified, the WWPC will follow the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC) Annual Interclub Photo Competition categories, definitions and rules in effect for the current year.

Images must be the work of the entrant using film or digital camera, or any other electronic device (scanner, etc.). Manipulations of the original image, by computer or other means, must be the creation only of the entrant. All other processing, printing, matting, or mounting may be commercially done, unless prohibited in a category.

The same or similar image or print may be resubmitted once during the salon year in the same category, and should be identified by an asterisk (*) at the end of the title.

Each submission will count towards the number of submissions allowed per salon.

The score for any re-submission will become the final score for that image.

Any image that received an award (ribbon, place, or honorable mention) in any end of the year competitions will not be eligible for submission in any subsequent year (it is “retired”).

Images that have not previously received an award in WWPC’s annual salon competition may be re-entered in subsequent competitions.

Competition Image Classes and Categories:

A. Print Class

Categories: Color and Monochrome

Prints may be home or commercially processed (printed).

Picture size: Minimum of 8×10 inches, Maximum of 16×20 inches (including the mat).

Prints should be mounted on a rigid stiff board or foam board and matted. No frames of any kind are allowed.

All prints must have the same naming convention on the top left back, as shown below. Category (color or monochrome), title, entry date, member ID #.

Toned or hand-tinted/colored prints may be entered in the Monochrome class if they have a maximum of one (1) color in addition to the dominant hue; images with more than 2 colors must be entered in Color.

B. Digital Class

Categories: Realistic, Nature, Creative, Travel, Humanity

Images may be acquired on traditional film and scanned to a digital file, or acquired with a digital camera.

Images must be submitted in JPEG file format (.jpg)

Images should be sized at 1280 pixels along the longest dimension.

sRGB color space is recommended.

Naming convention for all images:

1. Category: Realistic, Nature, Creative, Travel, Humanity, Color Print, Monochrome Print, or Discussion), followed by an underscore;

2. Title, which can include spaces, followed by an underscore;

3. Month and year of salon (written out in full) followed by an underscore;

4. Photographer’s three-digit ID number.

5. If the image is part of the special assignment salon topic, the word Assignment should precede underlying category.

6. Discussion Images use the category “Discussion”

It is very important that this protocol be followed. Images may be rejected if not named correctly.


  • Nature_Heron Waiting_January 2010_123
  • Travel_Balanced Rock #1_June 2010_456
  • Assignment_Creative_Shooting Star_July 2010_456

 Submission Deadlines & Information

Discussion images should be submitted by the Monday before the meeting date by 5:00 p.m. Prints for discussion may be brought to the meeting.

Competition digital images must be submitted three weeks prior to the meeting date by 5:00 p.m.  Print competitions can be brought to the meeting.

Members should email digital images in the proper size and format to

Limits on the number of images allowed to be entered may be changed during the year, based upon time constraints.

Click here for the complete 2014 WWPC Competition Rules, which includes detailed category requirements.  WWPC 2015 Competion Rules

Click 2015 WWPC Salon Rules to download a pdf version of this page.