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Good-bye to March and Hello April

March was a busy month!  On Saturday, the 18th, we had a great turnout for the tabletop shoot.  Everyone had fun shooting flowers, creating reflections on black glass and playing with all the items I brought. In preparation for the day I had filled up my car with goodies but left my tripod home!  What kind of photographer does that?   The next day, Sunday, the 19th, we judged prints for N4C’s nature and black and white contests.  Thanks to Melissa Anderson, Naomi Belisle, Amanda Bierbaum, Betty Bryan, Steve Cole, Willie Gorham, Richard Hudson and Marilyn Rau for helping out.  With that many helpers we were able to have two sets of judges and were done in just a little over an hour.

Spring Break Wrap Up

Photo by Candiss DelCastillo

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October Meeting Preview

Discussion Salon

We need more photos by Monday night!  Our next meeting on October 5 will include a discussion of member submitted images.  You can submit up to three (3) images, either digital or prints, for discussion only.  These images will not be scored but will be the basis of an open discussion, which may include a new technique in capture or processing, or for general discussion and feedback.

Gus Gulbranson


Whenever the question arises about where a person can get their camera equipment repaired, Northwest Camera & Video Repair is the overwhelming favorite of our members.  Before our salon discussion Gus will talk about:

  • General care of your equipment
  • Cleaning do’s and don’ts (what you could try and what you shouldn’t try)
  • Memory card usage
  • Tips for fixing minor problems or erratic functions
  • Question and answer time.

Gus grew up working in a family run jewelry/gift shop where his father was a watchmaker. At age 12 he started working on Timex watches and learned he had an ability for repair at an intricate level. He’s been repairing cameras for over 30 years and has learned a thing or two while repairing somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 different models of cameras. He’s worked on all sorts of equipment from 110 film cameras to 8mm movie cameras, lenses, flash units, enlargers, darkroom timers, large format cameras and even studio lighting. He’s always been one that is up for a challenge and has tackled many different kinds of equipment. If it is mechanical and he can figure out how it comes apart, he stands a pretty good chance of fixing it.

His shop is located at 12720 Lake Blvd, Lindstrom, MN  55045.  You can also see more information on Northwest Camera & Video Repair’s Facebook page.

City Lights Photowalk


City Lights Reflected – Terry Butler

We had a great turnout Friday night with nearly a dozen members coming out to learn and try something new.  Because of that, we’ve decided to schedule more this fall, so stay tuned to our calendar page!

Soon you Wednesday night!

Tonight’s meeting…Bring your camera!

Corey GafferCorey Gaffer will give a short presentation of his work and who he is, which will include architectural photography and his process. There will be some interesting tidbits of information that people could see as useful. He will then go into the video he recently completed at the Ralph Rapson Cube where he used drones and projections mapping.

Bring Your Camera!

He will then have a little experiment in projection mapping that we can all do together.   Cameras can be used during the projection mapping project experiment and then Corey has an idea for a cool portrait to take of everyone at the meeting.

I can hardly wait!


Member Spotlight & Focal Lengths

Troy-SchmidtThe Member Spotlight this month focuses on Troy Schmidt.

Main camera/gear:
Nikon D200
Nikon D3100
Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6
Nikon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6
Nikon 50mm 1:1.8

Favorite Editing Software:
I use Adobe Lightroom 4 for basic developing and Photomatix Pro for HDR. I’ve been known to open Photoshop Elements 11 and Corel Paintshop Pro from time to time. They all do something a little different, so I like to have a variety in my toolbox.

What is your specific background or interest in photography?
I worked with a gentleman who was a serious photographer. He has had numerous images published in National Geographic and other major magazines. His beautiful images sparked my interest in photography as an art. A couple of years ago, I picked up an old Canon AE-1 35mm camera at a flea market for 50 cents. That kicked my interest into high gear. I soon learned that there’s a lot to know about camera operations when you’re not using a point and shoot! I picked up a nice Fujifilm bridge camera and started snapping away! Over the summer of 2012, I took hundreds of pictures and entered several in the St. Croix County Fair. I managed to win ribbons on many of them, including 1 blue ribbon. That gave me a lot of validation in my new hobby. I then picked up a Nikon D3100 and D200 and really got serious!

Favorite subject matter to photograph:
I started out doing mostly landscape shots, but after looking at the work of other photographers, I became more interested in architecture, shapes, and patterns. The street photography tutorial presented by Valerie Jardin sparked an interest in people photography as well. I’ve gotten into night photography and light play recently. Whenever anyone asks me what I like to take pictures of, I say “anything I find interesting”.

In what areas do you want to learn more about or improve your photography?
I’m working on night photography right now. It’s challenging to get good, clear, low noise photos. It’s very rewarding when I get good night shots with good colors and lighting. I also need to continue learning more about post-processing.

I enjoy being a member of WWPC because:
There are so many talented photographers in our club! I’m blown away by the photos submitted to our salon every month! I love how everyone offers good constructive criticism. The tutorials are great as well! It’s great that our group is willing to share their knowledge with others. I’ve learned so much from everyone over the last year!

Thanks Troy!

I found this video that does a good job of explaining the differences you get using long lenses versus short lenses. Plus the scenery is pretty good! Have a great weekend everybody!