Huber-2014I want to begin by thanking everyone who helped and participated in our Club’s events this past year! It was truly an honor being the president the past 3 years and I know Terry will do a great job and have fun stuff planned for 2015. Selfishly, I think I benefited the most from my role as I was able to meet and represent some great members. I learned a lot about photography and will continue to learn by participating in this Club. The one thing I hope that also continues (and I know it will) is to maintain a culture of inclusion and helpfulness. Thanks again!

The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 7th at 6:30 PM at the Phipps. Terry will kick off the meeting discussing the TCACCC InterClub Competition and our Club joining the N4C (North Central Camera Club Council). We will also be bringing back the Special Assignment Category. The topic for January and February is ‘Around the House’. During the Judged Salon (February Meeting) you will earn 1 extra point for submitting a photo of ‘things around your house’! With the cold and snow, we might not get out to shoot as much as we would like so take this opportunity to think outside the box and find some interesting things in and around your home!

The January meeting will feature Michael Waterman giving us a refresher on judging images. This is great for those interested entering competitions but also for us to do a better job critiquing our own images. Following this mini-tutorial we will have a non-judged salon. So send photos you would like to discuss and share to photos@wiphotoclub by Monday January 5th.

And… we had a great time at the Year End Party! The slideshows highlighting our Club’s top photos of the year is a treat – Terry will share them again I believe at the next meeting as well. For those of you that missed it – or want to relive it again!…I put a little video together. Thanks for the food, fun, photographs and friendship! See ya next year!

One last reminder that our Year End Holiday Party is coming up next Thursday December 11th! Jackie and I are excited to host and need to get a count of those that can attend. We have received RSVP’s from about half of the members so if you haven’t done so… Please pop me an email this weekend so we know how much ‘drink’ we need to get. Thanks and I hope to see you there!

braceletI have to start out with my annual favorite. I have and wear one. every time I notice it on my wrist, it reminds me to get out and shoot! Lens Bracelet







Need a cold drink after a long day out in the field? How about some camera cubes!






Here is a different kind of ‘ice’- not diamonds but crystal! For the photographer who has everything, now you can have this very classy sculpture sitting next to your computer while you edit. The Crystal Camera!





This little tripod is getting much love from photographers around the world. I love the color options but beware, you don’t want to use it with your 500mm lens! MeFoto Travel Tripod










In keeping with the travel theme, I love this pocket printer that delivers instant photos right from your cell phone! I have been tempted many times to pull the trigger on this… The only draw back is that the cartridges average about a buck a print….








If you are looking to ‘print big’, and in particular black and white images, Epson just announced the new A3+ SC-P600 printer. The reviews so far are stating this is awesome with a rumored price of around $750.






Of course on my personal list is the Canon 7D Mark II. I love my original 7D but the upgrades to my 5 year-old camera made me start a camera savings account. Please let me know if you would like to contribute…






And… this is probably the only camera I want in my bathroom! PolaRoll



Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! I also emailed out our Year-end Party invites to Club Members. Please don’t forget to RSVP and email me via the contact page if you are a member and did not receive the invite.

MGH_20141105_0001We had our last meeting of 2014! We began the meeting by electing the officers for 2015. They are (drum roll):
President – Terry Butler
Salon Coordinator – Mike Waterman
Treasurer – Kathy Lauerer

As you know, these are very active members and I appreciate them continuing to help keep our Club moving forward this next year! Thanks guys!

The meeting also included a Judged Salon by Photographer Cynthia Fleury. This wraps up our judging series with images that scored 7 or higher being placed in our own year end competition. Terry will (or has) sent an email to individuals who have submitted with their scores. We will announce the results of our own Club’s competition at the Holiday Party. An invite will be emailed to members in the next several weeks.

I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of our Club’s events this past year (I am sure I am even missing some things!). I think the list is impressive and shows we are an active and engaged group! A special thanks to everyone who helped organize, volunteer or participated in these events!

Western Wisconsin Photography Club 2014

Non- Judged Discussion
Survey Results/Year Plan
Tutorial -Live Lightroom Edit
Judged Salon – Bob Lundquist
Mid-month Lightroom Workshop
Guest Speaker – Steve Silverman – HDR Techniques
Mid-month Speedlite tutorial
Non-Judged Discussion
Tutorial -Silver Effects Pro
Judged Salon – John Pennoyer
Guest Speaker – Dave Johnson – NCE ‘the kitchen sink’ about photography
Min-month Club Picnic at Willow River
Non-Judged Salon
Tutorial -Night Shooting the Urban Landscape
Mid-month Framing Tutorial
Mid-month Photowalk – Night shooting in Stillwater
Judged Salon – Mike Prokosh
Tutorial – Astrophotography
Mid-month Milky Way photowalk
Non-Judged Salon
Before and After Discussions
Guest Speaker – Erin Johnson – People Photography
MId-month tour of Marnie Marie Photography
Judged Salon – Cynthia Fleury
Mid-month Warden’s House photowalk
Holiday Party
Year-end Member Competition – Judge Mariann Cyr
Interclub Competition & Spring Break
Monthly Library Exhibit
Misc. Photowalks
Phipps Exhibition
A few mini-tutorials on blog
Facebook activity and challenges

Yep… that’s right! Wednesday, November 5th, 6:30 pm will be our last meeting of the year. We will have a year-end party in December so stay tuned!

The November meeting will include the election of 2015 Club Officers and sign up sheets for those interested in helping out in various aspects of the Club. Again, strong participation makes for a strong Club!

CFleueryAlso, this meeting is a Judged Salon. Photographer Cynthia Fleury will critique and score member images. Cynthia Fleury was raised in Grand Rapids Michigan close to the shores of Lake Michigan. She later moved to Milwaukee and studied art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design in Milwaukee and at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee painting in oils and acrylics. She moved with her family in 1985 to Minneapolis and studied photography in 1998 at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

While at MCAD, Cynthia grew to enjoy the artistic expression of photography. She built a chemical B&W and color darkroom that only lasted a few short years since digital photography became her preferred art form. She converted to digital in 2004. Her passion is experimental photography and creative processes and techniques such as infrared photography, light painting, digital hand coloring, composites, and digital painting. Her images consist of landscape, still life, travel, nature, and digital art.

Recent exhibitions have been in art and photography shows around the country and around the world. Most recently Cynthia has exhibited in shows at the Hopkins Center for the Arts; Bloomington Theater and Art Center; World Photographic Gala Awards Malaga, Spain; Viridian Artists Gallery (New York); NAWA Gallery (New York); New York Center for Photographic Arts; and Arts in Harmony in Elk River, MN.

Cynthia is currently the curator of and exhibitor in a show with 10 photographers from the Lens Prose Photographic group at the Phipps Center for the Arts “Altered Views: An Exploration of Photographic Processes, Techniques, Substrates and Presentation.” She is also a frequent contributor to Lake Superior Magazine.

Top scorers from all 2014 previous judged salons will be entered in our own Club’s year-end competition.

And the 2015 TCACCC Spring Break will be March 21st and 22nd at Century College in White Bear Lake. More info will be coming up as we get closer to the event.

Marnie-TourWe had a great tour at Marnie Marie Photography here in Hudson. Marnie gave us a tour of her retail area, studio and presentation area. She filled us in on her experiences as a business owner and a portrait photographer. It is tough to balance those two! I loved her passion for building relationships with people and really trying to capture and give clients a legacy piece of art. She put together a recap and other information to share with our group. Below is a link to that pdf. Thanks Marnie (and for the refreshments too)!
recap Marnie Marie Photography


Also, I put together this little tutorial video on how to do the ‘ring of fire’ like the above photo. I am no expert but learned a bit from pestering our member Fred, surfing the web and then giving it a try! The video is a little out of focus but you will get the idea. Keep shooting!

Erin-JWe had a great guest speaker in photographer Erin Johnson. Erin specializes in wedding photography but her tips and thoughts were helpful in all types of photography. She spoke candidly about the business side and answered many questions from our members. Very informative and inspiring – even with very loud dancing taking place in the room above!

Member Marilyn R. has some potential photo opportunities for our us. One is a tour of the Warden’s House Museum in Stillwater. I believe this is set for 10 AM, November 8th. This will be a private tour for us and we will be allowed to take photographs (with tripods). The other opportunity is displaying some of your framed photographs at the Westfields Hospital in New Richmond. If you didn’t sign up yet, please send me an email via the contact page if interested in either of these events and I will forward your name onto Marilyn.

Member Sue O. brought to my attention a photo contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. They are looking for photographs along our State’s Rustic Road system. We probably all have a few of these! Here is a link:
Rustic Road Photo Contest

And we have a mid-month tour set for Wednesday October 15th, 6:30 PM. We will visit Marnie Marie Photography and tour her portrait studio. Marnie will fill us in on the challenges and fun in running your own portrait studio along with seeing her gear, setup, etc. The address is 218 Locust St, Hudson, WI 54016. Hope to see you there!

Remember, next month’s meeting will be a Judged Salon. This is the last one of the year. Top scorers will go into our year end competition with awards given at the December Club Party. Email your photos (up to 3) to by October 15th. Prints can be brought to the meeting.

A quick timelapse while eating lunch by the St Croix River. GoPro on an egg timer mechanism. One shot every 2 seconds played back at 24 frames per second.

blog portraitOur next meeting is Wednesday October 1st, 6:30 PM. Our guest speaker is photographer Erin Johnson. Erin will discuss how she prepares and sets up a shoot along with a variety of pointers on photographing people. UPDATE!!!! IF TIME ALLOWS… Erin will critique member images after the break. Please email a shot or two you would like feedback on to Erin specializes in weddings and portraits so it may make sense to send those types of images though anything is fair game! These will not be officially judged and scored – just an open critique, off-the-cuff, as they are projected on screen.

We just wrapped up our successful exhibition at the Phipps! This was a great opportunity to showcase our member talent. The Phipps is also looking for volunteers to help man their booth at the St. Croix Art Festival this weekend. Time slots are Saturday 9AM – 1PM, 1PM – 5PM and on Sunday from 9AM – 1PM. Please contact the Anastasia at the Phipps if you can pitch in!

I believe member Lori Moilanen is still looking for more people to photograph the Willow River Trail Challenge that is happening at Willow River State Park on October 4th. HERE is a link to more information. Please talk with Lori at the meeting or send me an email through the contact page and I will forward on your interest.

The Photo Club’s Advisory Committee is meeting this week to review this past year and discuss thoughts for the upcoming year. If any of the members have strong opinions (successful or not) of things we have done this past year, please email me via the contact page so I can relay that information to the committee.

There will be a vote for Club Officers in November so please consider volunteering to help keep the Club moving forward. We are only as strong as our members! I will review the positions/responsibilities at the October meeting.

Tour October 15th, 6:30 PM! Marnie Marie Photography recently moved into the former Elan clothing store space in downtown Hudson. Marnie specializes in portrait photography with a personal mission to capture timeless images of people and families. She wants each piece to tell a story – more then just being a trendy or technically successful portrait. She will give us a little tour of her retail area, work area and studio as well as answer questions we may have about equipment and the business side of photography. It will be fun to see her giant softboxes and other gear, how she presents to clients and just her philosophy on portrait photography.

And… I was contacted by the ‘How to Wow’ tour coming to Minneapolis on October 14th. Professional photographer Jerry Ghionis will be covering posing, lighting, and expression in portrait; including wedding and fashion photography. It’s a really hands on workshop, with professional models and photo sets attendees can shoot. Members of our Club are eligible for a discount. HERE is a link for more information. Our discount code is HTWWWP for $10 off any of the 3 ticket options.

Before-After-MHWe had a change up this meeting and our guest speaker will be here at the October meeting. The night began with a general discussion of member images. Then we ended the night looking at ‘before and afters’. This was really fun to see and learn how members transformed images using a software or technique.

Don’t forget the N4C photography event is this coming weekend. HERE is a link again for those who still want to attend.

Terry put up a gallery on our website of images from the Milky Way photo shoot. Click HERE to take a look!

Lori is asking for volunteers to take photographs of the upcoming 5 and 10K race at Willow River State Park on October 4th. The park would like some images to use in future marketing materials. Send me an email through the contact page if you are interested and I will forward along your contact info. Thanks everyone and keep shooting! Soon there will be snow on the ground!

Phipps-Exhibition-installPhotos were dropped off and installed for our big Phipps Exhibition! We would love as many members as possible to show up for the open house. All of the galleries will be open so there will be lots to see! Come support our members and other artists on Friday, August 22, from 6:30-8:30.

Our next meeting is September 3rd. We had planned to have a guest speaker but she has to reschedule to the October meeting. So, we will swap months and for this next meeting, we will have discussion images and start off the meeting looking at ‘before and afters‘. This should be fun! I would imagine that most of us have an image that was a little lacking ‘out of camera’ and through the magic and creativity of editing, something new and wonderful was born! What we are hoping is that members send in ‘before_(member number)’ and ‘after_(member number)’ to If you are burning up to show us two, label them ‘before1′ and ‘after1’… We will then take a break and jump into our usual non-judged discussion time so please send an image or two of that as well. Sorry for the late change up!

This past weekend, I decided I wanted to try taking/making a hyperlapse. This is a technique of taking photographs as either you move, the subject moves, or both – and then stitching them together in a sort of timelapse. Take a look!