A quick timelapse while eating lunch by the St Croix River. GoPro on an egg timer mechanism. One shot every 2 seconds played back at 24 frames per second.

blog portraitOur next meeting is Wednesday October 1st, 6:30 PM. Our guest speaker is photographer Erin Johnson. Erin will discuss how she prepares and sets up a shoot along with a variety of pointers on photographing people. UPDATE!!!! IF TIME ALLOWS… Erin will critique member images after the break. Please email a shot or two you would like feedback on to photos@wiphotoclub.com. Erin specializes in weddings and portraits so it may make sense to send those types of images though anything is fair game! These will not be officially judged and scored – just an open critique, off-the-cuff, as they are projected on screen.

We just wrapped up our successful exhibition at the Phipps! This was a great opportunity to showcase our member talent. The Phipps is also looking for volunteers to help man their booth at the St. Croix Art Festival this weekend. Time slots are Saturday 9AM – 1PM, 1PM – 5PM and on Sunday from 9AM – 1PM. Please contact the Anastasia at the Phipps if you can pitch in!

I believe member Lori Moilanen is still looking for more people to photograph the Willow River Trail Challenge that is happening at Willow River State Park on October 4th. HERE is a link to more information. Please talk with Lori at the meeting or send me an email through the contact page and I will forward on your interest.

The Photo Club’s Advisory Committee is meeting this week to review this past year and discuss thoughts for the upcoming year. If any of the members have strong opinions (successful or not) of things we have done this past year, please email me via the contact page so I can relay that information to the committee.

There will be a vote for Club Officers in November so please consider volunteering to help keep the Club moving forward. We are only as strong as our members! I will review the positions/responsibilities at the October meeting.

Tour October 15th, 6:30 PM! Marnie Marie Photography recently moved into the former Elan clothing store space in downtown Hudson. Marnie specializes in portrait photography with a personal mission to capture timeless images of people and families. She wants each piece to tell a story – more then just being a trendy or technically successful portrait. She will give us a little tour of her retail area, work area and studio as well as answer questions we may have about equipment and the business side of photography. It will be fun to see her giant softboxes and other gear, how she presents to clients and just her philosophy on portrait photography.

And… I was contacted by the ‘How to Wow’ tour coming to Minneapolis on October 14th. Professional photographer Jerry Ghionis will be covering posing, lighting, and expression in portrait; including wedding and fashion photography. It’s a really hands on workshop, with professional models and photo sets attendees can shoot. Members of our Club are eligible for a discount. HERE is a link for more information. Our discount code is HTWWWP for $10 off any of the 3 ticket options.

Before-After-MHWe had a change up this meeting and our guest speaker will be here at the October meeting. The night began with a general discussion of member images. Then we ended the night looking at ‘before and afters’. This was really fun to see and learn how members transformed images using a software or technique.

Don’t forget the N4C photography event is this coming weekend. HERE is a link again for those who still want to attend.

Terry put up a gallery on our website of images from the Milky Way photo shoot. Click HERE to take a look!

Lori is asking for volunteers to take photographs of the upcoming 5 and 10K race at Willow River State Park on October 4th. The park would like some images to use in future marketing materials. Send me an email through the contact page if you are interested and I will forward along your contact info. Thanks everyone and keep shooting! Soon there will be snow on the ground!

Phipps-Exhibition-installPhotos were dropped off and installed for our big Phipps Exhibition! We would love as many members as possible to show up for the open house. All of the galleries will be open so there will be lots to see! Come support our members and other artists on Friday, August 22, from 6:30-8:30.

Our next meeting is September 3rd. We had planned to have a guest speaker but she has to reschedule to the October meeting. So, we will swap months and for this next meeting, we will have discussion images and start off the meeting looking at ‘before and afters‘. This should be fun! I would imagine that most of us have an image that was a little lacking ‘out of camera’ and through the magic and creativity of editing, something new and wonderful was born! What we are hoping is that members send in ‘before_(member number)’ and ‘after_(member number)’ to photos@wiphotoclub.com. If you are burning up to show us two, label them ‘before1′ and ‘after1′… We will then take a break and jump into our usual non-judged discussion time so please send an image or two of that as well. Sorry for the late change up!

This past weekend, I decided I wanted to try taking/making a hyperlapse. This is a technique of taking photographs as either you move, the subject moves, or both – and then stitching them together in a sort of timelapse. Take a look!

MGH_20140806_0003As part of our 3-month cycle, we had an outside judge score and critique member images. Photographer Mike Prokosch was our guest judge and gave feedback from both a technical standpoint and a creative eye. It is always a great way for us to learn by hearing comments from another experienced photographer. Mike also shared with us some of his beautiful nature images taken from around the globe. Thanks Mike!

MGH_20140806_0001We had a great presentation from members Terry and Bryan on astrophotography. There was a ton of information about shooting the sky at night as well as post processing options. There was a signup sheet for those that want to get on a list for a future night sky shoot extravaganza. If you missed it and want to be on that list, send me a note via the contact page.
Here is a link to the tutorial information.
August 2014-Astrophotography

Here is my buddy Serge Ramelli (everyone’s my buddy!) with a tutorial on how he retouches the Milky Way using Lightroom and Photoshop. Now we just need to go to Greece to get a similar shot!

Lastly, please review the last post as it has some deadlines and photowalk information coming up!

Mike---Saunders---Rockery-e Our next meeting is Wednesday August 6th, 6:30 PM at the Phipps Center for the Arts. This month we will have a judged Salon with guest Michael Prokosch. Michael is a retired research specialist of the Corporate Research Analytical Laboratory of 3M. For the past two decades, Mike has been active in the photography community in the Twin Cities. He has provided advertising images for use by the New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run, the Star of the North Games, and the Mora Vasaloppet. In addition, he has been active in the Photographic Society of America both as an award winning photographer and as a chairman and/or judge of several international competitions. He is currently the State Membership Director for the PSA in Minnesota. In 2002, he converted from imaging on film to digital imaging. Mike’s primary interests are nature and vintage racing photography. He has done digital photography in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions (and quite a few spots between).

In addition, we will have a mini-tutorial on ‘Astrophotography – Shooting Objects in the Night Sky’ presented by members Bryan Leonard and Terry Butler. They will discuss equipment, how to find dark skies and detailed camera settings for both star trails and the Milky Way. Bryan also has examples of Iridium flares, comets, planets, constellations, meteor showers, galaxies and northern lights. At the meeting we will ask people to sign up to be notified of a Milky Way or Star Trails shoot that Bryan and Terry will lead when the timing is right…or shall I say ‘the stars align’!

Also, Troy and Fred will help us with out with our own ‘city lights’ photography in Stillwater on August 13, 9:30 PM. Those interested will meet at the north side of the bridge in Lowell Park. Make sure to bring a tripod, remote shutter release (if you have one), wide angle lens, flashlight, and bug spray. Bright or reflective clothing is also recommended. Also that evening is the ‘Cruisin’ on the Croix Car Show’ in Stillwater featuring classic cars and live entertainment. If interested, get there a bit early to photograph some of the cars (and characters!) prior to the City Lights photowalk. This will be fun!

For those that are signed up for the exhibition at the Phipps… Please drop off your images at the Phipps between 5-7 PM on August 13th. Terry will be there to collect them for the install the next morning. Thanks Terry!

The N4C Convention (North Central Camera Club Council) will be held here in Hudson September 11-14. Preregistration is now open. Our Club currently is not a member of N4C (which we will research the benefits) but we can still participate in the event. The line up includes:

Field Trips
Prairie and Waterfall Field Trip
Fort Snelling
Little Log House Pioneer Village

Jennifer Wu main speaker on Saturday
John Gregor –Saturday night
Mike Moats – Friday Night
Robert O’Toole
Doug Beasley
Gordon Dietzman

Here is a pdf with sign up and other information about the event.

Below is the official video invite. Take a look!

Also, the home page of our website has a current list of upcoming Club events. Next up is Terry’s framing and matting class being held Wednesday July 23, 6:30 PM at the Phipps.

I want to thank Michael Waterman for filling in for me as MC at the meeting. I was so sorry to have missed the tutorial! Mike forwarded on the below meeting summary:

At the July Meeting, Members Troy Schmidt and Fred Sobotka shared their knowledge about night photography. For them, the end of the Golden Hour is when some of the best photographic opportunities happen. Troy discussed the equipment and successful techniques. He recommends a sturdy tripod and cable release for sharp images, and a flashlight, bug spray and reflective clothing for the photographer. Fred demonstrated some of his favorite editing techniques, and showed how to tame those bright city lights. Don’t risk your safety for a photo, though. Know the area where you are shooting and go with a friend.
Thanks Mike!

Our August 6th Meeting will be a judged salon (by an outside judge) so those that wish to have their images scored and critiqued need to send them to photos@wiphotoclub.com by this Wednesday July 16th. This will give the outside judge time to review them prior to our next meeting. That night we will also squeeze in a mini-tutorial on astrophotography. I have always wanted to photograph the Milky Way and I am looking forward learning some techniques! The photo below is by Member Terry Butler. More info will follow in a future blog post.

TMB-Milky Way

TSchmidt-City-LightsHey everyone! I hope you all will have a safe and fun 4th of July! As a reminder, our next Club meeting is Wednesday July 9th at 6:30 PM. Members Troy and Fred will do a mini-tutorial on photographing the night time urban landscape. They will cover the following:

-Equipment needed
-Picking the right location and subject
-Camera settings
-Taking the shot
-Post processing

If you follow along on our Club’s Facebook page you see the impressive quality of work Troy and Fred are doing. We will also try to have a photo meet-up in Stillwater later in July to try out some of the things we will learn. This will be fun so I hope you can make it!

Following the presentation, we will have the non-judged discussion salon. There still is time for members to submit images. Please email them to photos@wiphotoclub.com by Monday the 7th.

Also, Terry will hold a mid-month tutorial on matting/framing your photographs at the Phipps on July 23rd, 6:30 PM. This is in preparation for our Club Exhibition at the Phipps. All members are welcome – more info will be coming on specifics.

Hopefully everyone will try to get some shots of the fireworks. I love the ones with some context or elements in the foreground versus just the explosions. That is my challenge to myself! There are many resources out there on how to shoot fireworks and I thought I would include one here. Thanks and keep shooting!

Art-JuchnoThis month we meet Member Art Juchno.

Main camera/gear: Canon 60D Tamron 18- 27mm Zoom lens

Favorite Editing Software: Lightroom, Photoshop CS5 with NIK/Google plugins and OnOne Perfect Photo Suite.

What is your specific background or interest in photography?
I got my first used 35mm camera in 1968 and started shooting B&W film and processing in my home darkroom. I got more serious about photography when I started my Masters Degree program in Media Technology in 1974 at UW-Stout. From 1976 until 2009, I worked for the UW-Stout Teleproduction Center as a Senior Producer/Director shooting, editing and producing video programming for Wisconsin Public Television and many non profit agency clients. I was fortunate to have won awards from the New York and Chicago International Film Festivals, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and 3 Regional Emmys. My personal photography was shooting color slides and B&W with my Nikon F2. I must have over 10,000 slides in a file cabinet. Even when required to shoot digital photography at work, I had not felt comfortable shooting digital stills until I bought my Canon 60D in 2011.

Favorite subject matter to photograph: I’m very eclectic, but I enjoy landscapes, street photography and candid people shots. If I had to pick a favor category it would be “Creative” where the photographer tries to create images unique fashion. As a student of abstract art, I try to apply lessons from that discipline to my photography.

In what areas do you want to learn more about or improve your photography?
There are 2 areas I’d like to expand my horizons in, one would be digital image manipulation and the other would be creative use of multiple flash units.

I enjoy being a member of WWPC because:
I enjoy being a member of WWPC because as a photographer , you should never stop learning. I’ve learned a lot from other members and guest speakers since I joined the group. I also enjoy the camaraderie of others interested in photography and informally sharing tips and tricks with other members.

Thanks Art! Quite a credentialed background. I love these Member Spotlights!

Our next Club Meeting will be July 9th…NOT July 2nd. I have a feeling many will be out of town (including myself!) so we will move it back a week. Same place and time however! We will have a mini-tutorial and then a non-judged salon. So Members can send in an image for discussion. Please try to send them in by the end of June.

Also we are having a Club Picnic at Willow River State Park this Saturday. Please refer to the last blog entry or our Club’s Facebook page for details.

Lastly, Dennis Hlynsky has some very interesting videos on tracking paths of birds, fish, insects, etc. He films them and then uses Adobe After Effects to extend their trail for a certain time period. You have to check out his site. There are some cool and mesmerizing studies!

WWPC-060412It was a beautiful night to be photographing… or discussing photography! Dave Johnson with National Camera Exchange bombarded us with tips, images and his 40 some years of experience as a photographer. He discussed everything from technical aspects to a structure of ‘seeing’ or ‘preconceiving’ an image. Pdf’s of his presentation will be available soon. He even gave out his personal cell phone number for our Members to call him with any questions they may have down the road. Very nice! Thanks Dave!

Other updates included:
-Marilyn gave a brief presentation on how to submit images for the St Croix County Fair. Hopefully many of our members will give this a try!

-A representative of the Phipps reviewed their ‘Staging Our Future’ campaign for facility updates. As a club, we give a minimal amount of $300 annually for use of the facilities. I know many of our club members are also members of the Phipps. I would encourage all of our members to check out the offerings of the Phipps Center for the Arts and help support them if possible. This is a great asset to our community.

MGH-Willow-River-We have scheduled a Club Picnic for Saturday, June 21st at Willow River State Park. Members and significant others are invited. Burgers/chips will be provided. People can meet at the beach area at 12:30 PM for the food! Please feel free to arrive early or stay later to wander around this beautiful park and take some photographs. The Garden Club Calender as well as the Park itself is looking for great photographs of scenery around the Park. We would like to get a rough head count so we know how much food to get. Please send me an email through the contact page if you will be attending and if you are bringing anyone. We would like to know by next weekend – June 15th. My crystal ball says it will be 74 degrees with big puffy clouds and 5 mph winds! Oh, and no mosquitos!


And, this is (I believe) the last call for those Club Members interested in displaying a photograph or two in the Commons Gallery at the Phipps – yes, our own exhibition! Please send me an email through the contact page by this Saturday, June 7th. I will then send an email to those interested to discuss format, requirements, etc. We will also need a jpeg of the photographs to be displayed sometime next week as they will put together marketing pieces for us and them. Whew! Thanks and keep shooting!