Pennoyer-portrait-wOur next meeting will be May 7th, 6:30 PM at the Phipps. Our guest judge this month is John Pennoyer. John has been a member of the Minnesota Nature Photography Club for 30 years, has been very active in the club and is Past President. He has instructed photography classes in and around the Twin City area and is currently instructing many photography classes at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Many of his images have been published by Bowhunter Magazine, Peterson Bowhunting, Outdoor Life, American Waterfowler and many other regional and national publications. Following the Salon, John will present some of his own images and discuss how they were captured. John’s website is Impressions of Nature.

Last week we had a mid-month tutorial on speedlighting presented by member Ted Johnston.

Ted-J-2-wTed jam-packed the evening with tons of valuable information, demonstrations and tips. His knowledge (and gear!) was impressive. His daughter, and member, Grace made a great model and assistant. I especially appreciate all of the work Ted did in preparation for the tutorial. Here is a link to the Speedlite presentation. I have already purchased a few items based upon Ted’s recommendations to include in my own speedlite arsenal. Here are a couple of other recommended resources: strobist & pixsylated

MGH_20140402_0026The April meeting began with Mike Waterman demonstrating the NIK Silver Effects Pro plug-in. This software ‘plugs in to’ Lightroom or Photoshop and allows more refined adjustments to create black and white images. It is simple to use and makes quite a difference compared to only applying the black and white adjustment tab in Lightroom.


We then had our non-judged Salon. People shared some images and asked some great questions. It was real interesting to hear the back story on why people took the photo and the story they wanted it to tell. I love the conversational aspect of doing these types of Salon’s. We all get to learn from each other!

One of the ‘images’ I presented was a cinemagraph or moving picture. The below was created with a free Windows software called Cliplet. I have begun to see these in advertising more and more. Model Tyra Banks has invested in Flixel which is for Apple products including the iPad. Some fun stuff happening!

Amanda was inspired by the timelapse class she attended at Spring Break. She shared this fascinating video of her plants moving throughout the entire day!

Our May meeting will be a Judged Salon. Please submit your images to by April 16th. We need to get these to the outside judge prior to the May meeting. He will then present the scores and critique the member images.

Also on April 16th, we will have member Ted Johnston give a class on speedlights (off camera flash). It will take place in our usual room at 6:30 PM at the Phipps. Should be great as this is always a challenge…at least for me!

And, Bryan wanted everyone to know there will be a total lunar eclipse visible (hopefully) to us Monday 4/14 at 11:55 PM continuing through the night. This could be pretty cool to try and capture!

The next meeting will be Wednesday April 2nd, 6:30 PM at the Phipps. Mike Waterman will do a mini-tutorial on the Nik plug-in Silver Effects Pro. He will demonstrate how he uses this to make awesome black and white images and explain how plugins can help the editing process in general.

We will also be having a non-judged Salon. This is a great way to show techniques you may have learned, share that fun capture or ask questions you may have about an image. Please send images you want to share or discuss to by Monday March 31st. The photographer of these submitted images should be in attendance to participate in the discussion. May’s meeting will be a judged Salon (images due by April 26th) so this is a great opportunity for feedback if you wish prior to May.

We also hope to show a slide show of our Club’s submissions to Spring Break which was held this past weekend. It was fun to see some of our members at the event. I happened to have the GoPro with me and assembled a few film clips of the day.

The mid-month Speedlite Class is in the process of being rescheduled…hopefully for mid April. I hope to have more information at the meeting.

And, a friend had sent me a link of a Russian Photographer who is capturing her family’s life on their farm. I thought the photographs were spectacular. HERE is a link if you are interested.

Given the potential for bad weather tomorrow evening, we have decided to cancel the Speedlite Class that was scheduled for Tuesday, 6:30 at the Phipps. Sorry everyone! I was really looking forward to attending as well but we were worried about travel conditions. We will let you know when this gets rescheduled in the near future. Thanks and stay safe and warm!

Hey everyone! If you have not registered for Spring Break you have until March 18th to save $10 off the $50 ‘at the door’ charge. HERE is the link for the online registration. I won’t restate all of the speakers, etc. but HERE is a link for more information. I hope to see all of you there!

Speaking of March 18th… Ted Johnston will host a mid-month tutorial on Speedlighting. For those of us that are not comfortable or that familiar with off-camera flash, this will be great! The class will be in our usual room at the Phipps at 6:30 PM.

And at the end of our last meeting I did a quick Lightroom edit and forgot to mention ‘my point’ of doing it! (It has been a long winter…) A great way to learn, at least for me, is to find an inspiring photo and then try to recreate it… or at least in terms of a similar look. We have all heard the term Rembrandt Lighting which is based upon using a single soft light for portraiture as seen in paintings from the artist Rembrandt. By really looking at and dissecting light, shadow, color, composition, texture, etc. you can learn different techniques to add to your photographic knowledge base. Below is a video of my attempt to stylize a photo of my daughter to that of photographer Joel Grimes.


Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 5th. Remember, we will be starting at 6:30 instead of 7:00. This will be our new typical start time. At this meeting, we want to welcome our guest speaker, Steve Silverman.
SteveSilvermanSteve is a Twin Cities photographer specializing in architectural photography, business and executive portraits, and food photography.

He shoots for a wide range of clients specializing in design, construction, and development as well as firms engaged in a variety of professions. He has served clients throughout the USA, Canada, and Western Europe.

Steve’s images have appeared in books, newspapers and national magazines including The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, Twin Cities Guest Guide, Business Solutions Magazine, Spaces Magazine and Luxe Magazine.


Steve uses cutting edge technology called High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) to create architectural and landscape images. HDR involves taking multiple exposures of the same scene to reveal the luminous values present in both highlights and shadows. The goal is to create an image that is “as our eyes see it.”

This presentation will show you how Steve creates and finishes images using HDR including:
What is HDR?
Shooting Techniques
Camera Equipment and Peripherals
Initial Lightroom Workflow
Tone Mapping in Applications
Supplemental Applications for Finishing Images

I hope everyone can make it. This will be fun!

And… our next mid-month tutorial is also coming up! On Tuesday March 18th at 6:30 PM, Ted Johnston will continue his discussion on using speedlites. More info will be in the next post!

Michael-WatermanToday we focus on a familiar face to our Club – Michael Waterman!

Main camera/gear: Canon 7d, Tamron 17-50, Canon 70-200 2.8 IS, Canon 300 IS.

Favorite Editing Software: Photoshop CS 5

What is your specific background or interest in photography? Photography is a creative outlet and diversion from my day-job. When I hold a camera, my pace of life slows and I take time to observe the world around me. With each image I take, I preserve a memory and a story based on my own vision and experience. At times I look back through my catalog just to reminisce about the places I visited or people I met – it is a visual diary, of sorts.

Favorite subject matter to photograph: Anything! Work consumes a lot of my time, so when I have time to shoot, I will shoot whatever subject matter is available. However, my photo catalog contains thousands of images of my dog, so I guess she is my favorite subject matter – or at least, the most available.

In what areas do you want to learn more about or improve your photography? I want to get better at “seeing” the photo before I take it. I admire those in our club who can visualize interesting photos from seemingly ordinary subjects.

I enjoy being a member of WWPC because: I enjoy interacting with other photographers. I learn so much at our meetings and gain inspiration from seeing such diverse work. The photo walks are very informative (and fun) because I get to share ideas, learn new techniques and shoot new subject matter. I never would have shot Union Depot, the Stone Arch Bridge at night, or from the roof of the Minnesota State Capitol if it hadn’t been for the club.

Thanks Mike! We also had a mid-month discussion last night on the software Lightroom. I had anticipated maybe a dozen people but around 25 joined in – wow! The goal was to do a general overview of the software in terms of how it manages our photos as well as its editing tools. Ted Johnston and I tag-teamed reviewing aspects of Lightroom -which was hard as the program can do so much! I hope people did not get overwhelmed. Setting up how to import and store your images is the hardest (and most important) part. After that, it is all fun! Here are a few links to other Lightroom resources: Lightroom YouTube Channel, Serge Ramelli and B and H. There are a ton more… just ‘Google’ Lightroom! As a special bonus, The first Club Member who comments the word ‘Lightroom’ to this post will get a free e-book and video from Trey Radcliff (Stuck in Customs) on Lightroom Photo Management.

The TCACCC Spring Break is coming up! Note that our very own Michael Waterman (and Member Spotlight) is a presenter! Here is the scoop!

When: Saturday,March 22, 2014. The day will begin with registration starting at 7:15 a.m. Programs will begin at 8:00 a.m. and finish with the Interclub awards starting at 4:00 p.m. Be ready to enjoy a day of learning, a chance to win door prizes, an awards program for the interclub competition and a great meal.

Where: Dakota County Technical College, 1300 145th Street East (County Road 42) Rosemount, MN 55068

Who and What: This is just a partial list, with more programs being added daily:
Jeff Fischer – Wildlife
Arne Myrabbo – “Dragons and Damsels” (dragonflies and damsel flies)
Rikk Flohr – Lightroom
Rikk Flohr – “Macro: Up Close and Personal”
Bob Lundquist: Techniques for action photography at horse shows
Michael Waterman – “Law and Photography” – common legal issues that impact photographers
Dave Johnson (National Camera Exchange) – To be announced
Bring your camera! The small studio will be open with models supplied most of the day.

Vendors: National Camera Exchange, Tamron, West Photo, Tamrac Bags, Fleeting Glimpse/World Designs, Adobe, White House Custom Color, and Clair O’Neill (Photo Encaustics). All will be showing their wares beginning at 7:15 a.m., offering discounts and donating door prizes.

Ticket prices are as follows and includes a great meal:
TCACCC member $40.00
Non-member $45.00
Student $25.00
Online registration is preferred and can be found HERE.
Payments online include using a credit card, PayPal, or mailing a check.
Online registration will end on March 18.

Registration will also be possible on the day of the event and will be $50.00 per person.
This is open to the public, so bring a friend. It will be a great day!

AND thanks to Terry and all of the volunteers who helped out during the Spring Break print judging. I heard many positive comments on how it went from those who participated!

Salon-020514February’s meeting was the first of four judged Salons we will have this year. Thanks to Bob Lundquist for reviewing, scoring and sharing his thoughts on our member images. The next judged Salon will be in May. We will be using different outside judges for each of these Salons to get a variety of critiquing styles.

There are a variety of things coming up:

Our Club will be doing the print judging for the Interclub Competition on February 15 in the River Room at the Phipps. Judging will begin at 10:00 a.m. and it is open to the public. It will be a great opportunity to see how a big competition is judged and there should be a lot of inspiration. We will have breakfast items, a lunch, and beverages. All free!

February 19th, Ted Johnston and myself will walk through the basics of Adobe’s Lightroom as well as edit a few images live! This will be more of a working session so we can all explore this software together. If you have a RAW image that you are having a problem with or lacking ideas on how to edit it, bring it on a flash drive. Maybe we will have a chance to play with it! The session will take place at the Phipps in the Commons Gallery (take the north elevator up to second floor) at 6:30 PM.

On Saturday, March 22, the Twin City Area Council of Camera Clubs will be hosting the Spring Break Seminar at the Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount. The day will begin at 8:00 am and there will be a wide range of workshop sessions, a great meal, vendors and door prizes, and the awards program for the Interclub Competition.

There will be presenters from different aspects of photography including nature photography, landscape photography, software presentations, legal aspects of photography, portrait photography and many other presentations. Registration will start around February 15th. The event is open to the public so save the date and bring a friend!

I admit that I am kind of a gadget guy and like to know how things work. Ever wonder how your digital camera captures an image? What is this CCD thing? The Engineer Guy explains below!

Bob Lundquist

The next meeting is coming up Wednesday February 5th, 7:00 PM at the Phipps. We will have an outside judge critique member images that were sent for review last week. Our guest judge will be Bob Lundquist.

For over 40 years Bob has been photographing a wide range of subjects; featuring nature, wildlife, equine and Western life style images. In 2002, Lundquist’s Natural Images photography was begun under the direction of his wife, Ruth; to share his work. Since 2008, special emphasis has been given to equine photography of all types. Currently, LNI works for many upper Midwest show promoters in the Western Saddle Club Association (WSCA) and Bob recently captured his 300,000th image of horses in action. He is also a member of Photographic Society of America (PSA), Executive Vice President of the St. Paul Camera Club and is certified for photo contest judging by the Twin Cities Camera Council.

After the Salon, Bob will share some of his own images. This will be fun and educational!

Speaking of fun and educational… we will be having our first mid-month meeting February 19th in the Commons Gallery at the Phipps. We will be discussing Adobe’s Lightroom as an editing and organizing tool. Both myself and Ted Johnston will be there to (hopefully) answer questions and to explore this software together as a group. More to come but put it in your calendar if you are interested. Thanks!

sue-oberstarThis month’s Member Spotlight shines on Sue Oberstar.

Main camera/gear:
My main gear includes the following:
Nikon D90 and a Nikon Coolpix P7700, iPad, and iPhone and a MacBook Pro with a G-Drive and Mobile G-Drive
Lenses: Tamaron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC and Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 D
Tripod: Monfrotto 190CX3 and Monfrotto 804RCZ 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head
Reflectors: 30-inch white, sliver, gold, black reflector 40-inch Wescott Basic light modifier
Lens Hoodman, Polarizing Filter, Tamrac and Kelly Moore Camera Bags

Favorite Editing Software:
My favorite editing program is Aperture and I just bought Lightroom 5.

What is your specific background or interest in photography?
I have had a couple of reasons for an added interest in the past five years: retirement three years ago and a one-and-only 3 1/2 year old grand daughter. I have always owned point-and-shoot cameras and had good role models with many family photographers including the following:
my husband, son, daughter, father, and paternal grandmother. Extensive opportunities to travel have also inspired an interest in making better images. A family of hunters has given me incentive to shoot wildlife with my camera.

Favorite subject matter to photograph:
I have many favorite subjects to photograph including wildlife, nature, landscapes, travel, food, sunsets and sunrises, flowers and especially my grand daughter. Gosh those little ones are fast and on-the-go.

In what areas do you want to learn more about or improve your photography?
I feel there is always something to learn about photography. I would like to improve in the areas of macro, moving subject matter, nighttime and long exposure shots, portraits and lighting, landscapes and wildlife, Nikon camera features, post-processing, and all methods of sharing photography.

I enjoy being a member of WWPC because:
I enjoy being a member of WWPC because I like learning about all aspects of photography from others who are passionate about this hobby. Members are willing to share their time and expertise. I also enjoy the blog and website which instructs and keeps everyone informed about field experiences and upcoming events and opportunities.

Thanks Sue!

Don’t forget that today (Wednesday the 22nd) is the last day for members to submit digital images for the February Salon. Please use the guidelines HERE and email them to An outside judge will provide comments and scores at the next meeting.

Winter is the best time to get out and photograph the night sky. I wish I had the same gear as NASA whose Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took thousands of high-resolution images to create the video below. Amazing!